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PLUTO IN CAPRICORN October 9, 2008

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PLUTO, the TRANSFORMER, leaves the electromagnetic field of Sagittarius where it has been for many years* and enters the sign of CAPRICORN on NOVEMBER 28th, 2008, where it will be through January 21st, 2024. PLUTO’S movement through each of the 12 signs represents cyclical changes of long duration.

PLUTO, Uranus & Neptune are the three higher-octave outer planets requiring expanded consciousness to be dealt with in a skillful, constructive way. They represent symbolic urges toward soul development which lead to pathways out of the limitations of normal consciousness.

The nature of life is to move toward WHOLENESS and the concentrated core POWER of PLUTO helps to break down, disintegrate, eliminate, cleanse, purge, purify and transform. The destructive phase of this very intense non-reversible energy then begins the second part of its work where it regenerates, renovates, reforms, recycles & rejuvenates, letting go of only that which is toxic for growth. The complex scenarios of this farthest-out planet deal with the hidden elements, the subconscious, secrets, the underworld, the mysteries of life.

We can expect big changes with PLUTO moving into a new area…CAPRICORN; * with the exception of a brief retrograde period from June 14 to Nov. 27th, 2008 when it backtracked into Sagittarius.

CAPRICORN is an earth sign dealing with the material, tangible, practical world; all structures, hierarchies, governments, the church, businesses, corporations, the monetary system, the patriarchy, and the authorities. In other words institutions of any kind are affected. The death & ending associated with PLUTO are required in order to lay fresh groundwork and rebuild foundations, to bring transformation and new beginnings.

Perhaps the excesses & extravagance of Pluto in Sagittarius will be altered by strategic, organized, efficient, practical, tenacious Capricorn. After all the patient Cappie mountain goat strives for success as it makes it’s way carefully up the steep mountain slopes. Capricorn is the builder, the achiever, the survivor, taking responsibility and making wise use of the resources available.

We are already seeing and experiencing, not to mention feeling the tip of the iceberg of this major shift. No need to go into detail there….

I will be writing more on this subject especially with other transiting planets doing their thing. For instance, at the end of October & the beginning of November, Saturn (the status quo) will be exactly opposing Uranus (freedom from the status quo) for the first of many oppositions. We can already feel this energy polarity too and I wouldn’t call it comfortable.

Just an interesting note: Three Capricorn countries are Mexico, Afghanistan & India. Hmmm.



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