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SATURN (status quo) Opposite URANUS (change) October 25, 2008

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Saturn-the Known

Saturn-the Known

Starting in October, 2008, through to August, 2010, transiting SATURN in VIRGO will be exactly opposing (a 180 degree aspect) transiting URANUS in PISCES four times & for the fifth time in Libra-Aries. The 5 dates are; Nov.4-2008, Feb.5-2009, Sept. 15-2009, April 27-2010, July 26-2010.

The opposition aspect creates a tug-of-war effect or polarized tension between two opposing factors which calls for balance or integration of the energies. This type of scenario between these two planets happens about every 45 yrs. although in different signs. This collective shift is a forerunner to a more powerful, long-term transmutation of Uranus square Pluto which begins around 2011-2012.

The first opposition is in the last week of Oct. 2008 through the first week+ of Nov. 2008. Guess when it is exact. That’s right, on November 4th…ELECTION DAY. We have collectively been feeling the sense of urgency taxing our already stressed-out nervous systems, as we get closer to the first peak of Nov. 4-5th.

Before you say, “What does this mean?” I will give some definitions of both planets & their placements in signs.

SATURN (associated with Capricorn) represents the status quo, the way things are & have been, the form, foundations, structures, order, organization, control, authority, responsibility, boundaries, restrictions, blockage, and limitations as well as many other descriptions but you get the idea.

It generally takes SATURN 2 & 1/2 yrs. to travel through one sign, not counting retrogrades. It is the last planet in the solar system that we can see with the naked eye, thus connecting us to the material, physical world. Currently it is moving through the electromagnetic field of VIRGO, an earth sign dealing with material substance. Virgo energy can ideally operate in a practical, realistic, dependable, reliable, adaptable & useful manner. Unskillfully Virgo can be applied in a perfectionistic, judgmental, fault-finding way.

URANUS (associated with Aquarius) takes about 7 yrs. to move through a sign because it is further out in our solar system and so it appears to be traveling more slowly. Also it changes direction more frequently, being an outer planet. However both Uranus & Saturn move in & out of retrograde over the 2-3 yr. period we’re looking at here thus the multiple oppositions.

Keywords for URANIAN energy are sudden change, the unexpected, unpredictability, revolution, rebellion, awakening, liberation, illumination, revelation, originality, genius, inventiveness, & disruption to name a few. It’s definitely the wake & shake planet designed to alter everything & anything.

URANUS is currently transiting sensitive, compassionate, universal PISCES which deals with dissolving boundaries, uniting, merging, imagining, dreaming, healing, & surrender. This sign incorporates experiences that are visionary, inspiring, idealistic & intuitive. The intangible ethereal realm is a Piscean playground. In some cases folks may get caught in the confusing, indiscriminate, illusory side of Pisces where delusion & deception run rampantly.

In a nutshell…I like that expression…any stagnant systems that are resistant to change will be disruptively challenged. High frequency URANUS, the radical interceptor, symbolizes freedom from the known as it deconditions us from the status quo.

SATURN, the teacher through time, IS the status quo; fear and worry are favorite Saturnian expressions when the universe we’ve created becomes too rigidly crystallized and we need erractic URANUS to break things open and keep us flexible as we evolve.

Remember, these two very different types of energy transmitters will be facing off through July 2010. I am using all my tools to simplify wherever I can and reduce stress in my life each day. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity that on some level I chose to experience.

The next close opposition of Saturn & Uranus happens in early February, 2009. We’ll continue on the subject in the future.

Uranus-the Unknown

Uranus-the Unknown



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