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Taurus Full Moon November 10, 2008

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology.

Early Thursday morning, November 13th, 2008, shortly after midnight at 12:19 AM, we experience the peak of the Full Moon which is considered a SuperMoon. (There is scientific data to support this description but I won’t go into it.) This added intensity lends a power which functions like a laser beam effect in the electromagnetic field. The increased gravitational pull results in stronger tides, weather extremes, and of course affects our emotional self too.

The Sun at 21* 15 in mysterious, complex, transforming SCORPIO is exactly opposite the Moon at 21*15 in stable, conserving, resourceful TAURUS during this monthly Full Moon phase of completion. Both signs are fixed, which indicates some stubbornness or perseverance, depending on how you look at it.

Passionate, active & assertive MARS, sitting a few degrees next to the Sun in Scorpio is also opposite Taurus Moon at this time. What polarity! Consideration, kindness & patience may help dial down our individual ego desire-natures. It definitely is a time to forgive, let go and think of the higher good.

Remember, the Saturn-Uranus opposition wave has only just begun with their first exact opposition on Nov. 4th. We have four more to go from now through 2010.

I quote Ralfee Finn, “The election decides our collective approach to the huge amount of work that lies ahead.”

Every decision we make in each moment reverberates throughout the universe. We know that but we tend to forget. Make your days as joyous, creative & compassionate as possible.



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