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Thanksgiving Planetary Family Update November 20, 2008

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Some of those more unpredictable planetary members will be showing up for dinner on November 27th, 2008.

We have a Sagittarius NEW MOON at 10:55am CST on Thanksgiving Day….Sun & Moon are both at 5*49 Sagittarius during this exact time of Moon’s emergence/projection phase. We are exploring, searching, expanding, growing, looking for the truth in philosophical Sag. This phase of initiation into a new cycle is like a renewal for the soul; the vision may be felt but not yet seen. Plant seeds of optimism, adventure, trust, faith in something greater than the self, or whatever you’d like to expand upon in your attitude & actions. ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. New Moons are usually quiet, reflective opportunities to tap into the inner wisdom but other influences may alter that outcome. It may be near impossible on Thanksgiving morn but try to find some solitude, no matter how brief. Maybe the evening before might work better for you.

Just hours before the exact conjunction of the two solar system Light-spheres we have planet URANUS, the Awakener, turning Direct after a 5-month retrograde trip. Ye Gads! What does this mean? Uranus is thee unpredictable, unconventional, radical disrupter of energy transmitters! No way to tell what could happen. Expect the unexpected….the experience could liberate you from past limitations. We can move forward with our innovative, creative ideas, beliefs, or thoughts. It will also upgrade the frequency of our nervous systems, so ground yourselves.

(When an outer planet changes it’s movement, direct or retrograde, the qualities it symbolizes are usually strong for a couple of days either side of that date.)

PLUTO is leaving Sag and making its big move into the electromagnet field of Capricorn on November 27-28th, 2008, where it will remain until 2024. (Please read or reread my blog on Pluto in Capricorn which I previously posted for a more in-depth explanation of this long-term shifting of energy which will affect everyone & everything on Earth.) To put it simply, Pluto represents raw processing POWER; transformative power to breakdown whatever is rotten to the core and regenerative power to revitalize and renew after that . Whether or not we can feel or notice any difference immediately would be unlikely, but….. anything is possible.

All of the above are examples of amazing synchronization of cosmic signposts in our solar system, in our Milky Way Galaxy, in our Supercluster of galaxies, in our piece of the fractal of the Universe. I’m thankful to be a part of it.



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