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December 2008 Astro-News December 4, 2008

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Full Moons.
Snow We May Have For Christmas

Snow We May Have For Christmas

December is a month full of action in the cosmos. First of all we have the Sagittarius life-affirming Sun right next to assertive, energetic Mars on Friday, Dec.5th. In itself, Mars add alot of pizazz to our solar, fiery Sun center. Not only passionate, aggressive, direct, courageous & competitive, this planetary transmitter can operate impulsively, impatiently, violently…not called “the god of war” for nothing! Use your vibrant energy wisely because we also have…..

This conjunction of SUN & MARS forming a stressful square to our buddies, SATURN & URANUS on Dec. 10th onward into the Sag-Gemini FULL MOON which takes place on Fri. Dec. 12th.

If you recall from the previous Saturn Opposite Uranus post, URANUS, the shatterer of old forms, relates to originality, innovation, intuition, the unexpected, the sudden & unpredictable, the revolutionary, the radical disrupter breaking us free from past SATURNIAN limitations, structures, or how we’ve created our reality. Uranus is liberating us, whether we like it or not.

The SUN at 21* Sagittarius is exactly opposite (180 degrees) the full MOON at 21* Gemini on Fri. Dec. 12th at 10:37 AM, CST, indicating a powerful, energetic time/space event. The FULL MOON, being the peak of the lunation cycle every 28 days, is a time of illumination, completion, the “flowering” phase of the 8 parts of the cycle. With the squares from Sun/Mars and Moon to Saturn & Uranus we have what is called a Grand Cross aspect. This represents a crossroads of sorts and can definitely feel like super stress-out time.

Take a look at your values, your hopes & dreams, your fears, your way of communicating to self & others, as far as what you are creating. Planets DO NOT cause things to happen; they correlate to reality, so it’s time once again to dig out my NO FEAR imaginary t-shirt. I want to create a new life for myself.

The inexhaustible resource of Spirit is equal to every demand. There is no reality in lack. Abundance (not just monetary) is here and now manifests.

Enough for now…more December news later on….stay cool.



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