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Welcome 2009 January 8, 2009

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Full Moons.
New Year's Ice

New Year's Ice

January 2009 begins quite a year for humans and other living things on planet Earth.

Saturn turned retrograde on Dec.31st of 2008 & will be in this retro motion through May 2009. This means Saturn will be opposing Uranus again in February ’09 & September ’09. ( Please refer to previous post on Saturn opposite Uranus for details.) As we all have found out practical, earthy, material Saturn brings painful lessons of limitations & the enforced wisdom we learn from such experiences.

On Jan. 5th expansive, idealistic Jupiter moved into the electromagnetic field of Aquarius where it will be until next January 2010. New perspectives & possibilities in areas of equality, diversity, reform, innovation, technology, community & the global family are just a few places where we’ll see abundant changes & improvements.

The FULL MOON of CANCER peaks on Saturday, January 10th at 9:27 pm. Our Sun at 21* Capricorn will be exactly opposite Moon at 21* Cancer. This will be quite an emotional time for some of us I would bet. Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon in traditional astrology & both of them relate to emotions, feelings, responses, psychic sensitivity, receptivity, nurturance , the past and habits. Responsible Capricorn needs structure, organization and accomplishment and has the disciplined capabilities to patiently work towards the desired goals.

Other planets, such as Saturn & Uranus are aspecting this Full Moon polarity in a beneficial, constructive way actually forming an aspect called a “mystical rectangle” known as practical mysticism. Increased awareness, creativity and right-on insight are entirely possible now.

Speedy Mercury is turning retrograde at 8* Aquarius just hours after the Full Moon and will continue in this retro motion through Feb. 1st. ( Check out past posts on the meaning of Mercury retrograde.) Communications, travel and technology could all go through snaffus. Is that a word? Or make our life more complicated…nothing serious. Don’t run out of gas…..

I will go into the Jan. 25-26th Solar Eclipse in the near future….take care my friends.

Duluth Shoreline

Duluth Shoreline



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