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New Moon/Solar Eclipse….Jan. 25-26th January 24, 2009

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Lake Superior

Lake Superior

The exciting Aquarian New Moon/Solar Eclipse takes place Monday, Jan. 26th CST at 1:55 am. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings when seeds are planted for future visions, to lay the groundwork for fresh projects or to give birth to whatever emerging creative ideas you have in your mind. It is the “dark of the moon” part of the 8 phase mooncycle, so results are yet to come as things evolve.

Sun and Moon are now both exactly at 6*30 of progressive, original Aquarius, sitting right together in the cosmos. Jupiter is only a couple of degrees away in Aquarius adding its expansive, idealistic nature to the formula. Aquarian energy (reforming, liberal, altruistic, unconventional, social, innovative) promotes humanitarian principles in which knowledge & service are provided for all humanity. It involves the world of invention, technology, spacecraft, aeronautics, labor organizations & revolution among other things. This electromagnetic field is associated with unpredictable Uranus which can illuminate us, shock us, wake us up at the speed of lightning! Good old Radical Disrupter! Considered the planet of genius, intuition & liberation, Uranus helps shake us free from familiar, sticky old stuff, whether we want it to or not.

Chinese New Year of the Ox starts today as well.

Keep in mind the inauguration occurred with the Sun in Aquarius & Obama is a Leo with Aquarius rising.

A Solar Eclipse can only happen at a New Moon…a time of refueling for the next adventure. Moon moves right in-between Earth & Sun, blocking the Sun’s light from us, an event that symbolizes the unconscious desires of the Moon dominating consciousness represented by the Sun. This could be a major turning point, or opportunity to free ourselves (Uranus) from the past in order to more fully embrace the future. Pretty clever arrangement, huh? Prepare for surprises…

Mercury moves Direct on Sunday, Feb. !st, 2009 at 1:11am at 21*45 Capricorn. Time for reconsidering, retracing & readjusting is over for now. Did you notice the glitch at Obama’s inauguration oath…typical Mercury Retrograde!

Feb.5th brings us another exact opposition of Saturn (20*40 Virgo)  & Uranus (20*40 Pisces)...part of the ongoing drama that began in Nov. 2008 & lasts through July 2010. This is where the old institutions are being challenged by new, fresh, radical CHANGE..yahoo!  Please read older post on Saturn-Uranus to get the full story.

Next post on the Lunar Eclipse of Feb. 9th!

Frozen Water-Rock

Frozen Water-Rock



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