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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Feb. 9, 2009 February 5, 2009

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Frozen Water

Frozen Water I

We will be experiencing a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Monday, Feb. 9th at 8:49 AM, CST. Moon is at 21* Leo exactly opposite Sun at 21* Aquarius; a precise opposition always being the case for a lunar eclipse when Earth (the present) is aligned between Sun (the future) & Moon (the past). Our conscious self & unconscious emotional self are working with the same question from different viewpoints. This major shift is prime time for growth, if we can deal with our irrational, emotional forces within and give birth to a new consciousness. Grounding is a good idea now in whatever form works for you…I think I’ll start with meditating, which I often forgo due to life! I’ll use Saturn”s energy to discipline myself.

Not only is Sun in altruistic, intellectual, independent, rebellious & unconventional Aquarius but also Mars, Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune. Whew! That’s mucho Aquarius! Chiron, the healing agent which merges physical with spiritual, is the same 21* as Sun; Mysterious Neptune adds sensitivity, compassion, interconnectedness, perhaps delusion, deception or confusion to the mix as it is a couple of degrees from Sun during this eclipse.

These planetary energies are opposite the creative, dramatic Leo Moon which demands an outlet for self-expression, thriving on attention and recognition. The Leo part of us has the potential of also being loving, generous, playful, romantic and filled with pride. (Watch the ego.) Be guided by the goal of what will bring people together in the humanitarian, tolerant, reforming, progressive and accepting all the strangers-off-the-bus Aquarian way of life.

Just a few days before this, On Feb. 5th, 2009, Saturn at 20* Virgo opposite Uranus at 20* Pisces is the second exact Saturn-Uranus opposition; three left to go up through 2010. (read previous post on Saturn-Uranus opposition if you’re unfamiliar with this info.) Moon in restless Gemini makes an uncomfortable square aspect to both of these adding to the emotional stress factor. The undercurrents of this transit are sensed & felt as part of the larger pattern of breaking up the status quo. No wonder we’re all so edgy & exhausted. The electromagnetic energies are stretched tight. Be light. (I like that)

Saturn symbolizes the first law of manifestation: limitation. It is committed to control & grounded in rational Virgo. Saturn always strengthens through endurance & persistence; it focuses & concentrates energy as it requires discipline, caution, responsibility, effort, organization & stability to operate at its highest potential. Saturn is not a bad thing in itself, but rather is considered the Teacher of the cosmic plan as we expand in consciousness. It is only when things become stagnant & rigid, no longer facilitating our growth, that the Saturnian structures we have created are exploded by Uranus.

Uranus has a nature that relates to the nervous system & the mental realms. It is powerful, violent, fanatical & hard for the body physical to handle. It represents the freedom urge, operating in extremes, very suddenly & unpredictably. Uranus destroys the constricting influences of the old to allow for the new to emerge…..the unknown…can be felt as exciting, awakening & uprooting in its best vibrational intensity. The Uranian part of us is open for change & discovery. This is long-term & probably irreversible stuff. I want a T-shirt that says “Question Authority”!

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day, lovers.

Frozen Water

Frozen Water II



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