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March 2009 March 3, 2009

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Venus...To Love or Not to Love

Venus...To Love or Not to Love

On March 6th our sister planet Venus, goddess of Love, is turning retrograde at 15* Aries and will be moving in this apparent backward direction until April 18th when she moves direct at 29* Pisces.

This means 12 weeks total of feminine, receptive Venus, sphere of peace, harmony, beauty & relating, in the electromagnetic energy field of bold, risk-taking, active Aries (minus a few days when it dips back into the end of Pisces).

Get ready to review how you relate to others, how you create harmony & balance in your life, and take another look at who and /or what it is that you value. Retrograde periods are always open for redoing/ reviewing/ renewing…think of the re-words. Personal relationships, partnerships, attractions, social urges, (what feeds one’s need for closeness & helps one feel loved & appreciated), the arts and your values could be up for renovation during these few weeks.

We have the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon on March 10, 2009 which is bound to be interesting, especially with Venus retrograde. More info on that soon to appear on this most amazing blog!  (humor)

Oh yes, I included my beautiful cats because they are learning to love each other; The big 8 yr.old male on top, who’s only been with us for 6 months,  really digs the 13 yr.old female sitting below.  She is playing it cool but I see progress!

Goddess-God Energy

Goddess-God Energy



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