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Virgo Full Moon March 10th, 2009 March 6, 2009

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On Tuesday, March 10th, 8:38PM, CDT, we have the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon; Our Moon peaks at 20*40 industrious Virgo exactly opposite Sun at 20*40 spiritual Pisces…(down-to) earth & (flowing) water signs.

This is quite an interesting Full Moon. Not only is this the flowering phase of the 8/fold cycle from new to full where we have the polarity of opposite energies going on, but Saturn is conjunct (very close to the same degree) the Moon and Uranus is sitting right next to the Sun. Hopefully you remember that Saturn & Uranus are currently in their long-term opposition dance. Reread past blogs to refresh your memory if you like.

Earthy Virgo Moon & cautious Saturn emphasize cultivating disciplined, organized attention to details in life while visionary Pisces Sun & rebellious Uranus reveal the liberating urge to live one’s life freely without alot of physical/emotional/mental restriction as we expand in consciousness.

The Moon represents the past, the unconscious, our conditioning, habitual behavior, emotions & feelings, and how we react to everything instinctively. It has to do with nurturance & security needs. Saturn can help to create order or limit us through fear & insecurities.

The Sun symbolizes our basic energy of Being; our will to exist, the creative potential that resides in each one of us, our essence, power & vitality. Uranus operates on a high frequency (not always easy to integrate) illuminating & awakening us to the purity of impersonal love. The gift of Uranian intuition is the spiritualization of love united with the power of the mind. At times we need to be jolted to break away from the old habits.

The program reads “Cosmic Evolution”….with a Saturn subtitle that says “under construction”…and the Uranus subtitle says “events to be announced suddenly & when you least expect them, including mental and/or intuitive lightning bolts.”

As we deal with the known & the unknown, transformation of our way of learning/thinking/communicating and expansion of who & what we value has a green light for progress with this Full Moon.

I want to dance to U2’s “It’s A Beautiful Day” under the starry night & send beams of love in every direction!

Duluth Shoreline

Duluth Shoreline

The Vernal Equinox is March 20th when Sun enters Aries.



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