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Aries New Moon March 26th, 2009 March 20, 2009

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Spring at Pike Place Market in Seattle

Spring at Pike Place Market in Seattle

New Moon: new beginnings. Aries: new beginnings…double the fun!
Thursday, March 26th, 2009, we experience an inspiring, daring, enthusiastic, childlike Aries New Moon with Sun & Moon together (conjunct) at six degrees of fiery Aries.

This moment in time relates to initiating a new cycle..the planting of new seeds, which are soon ready to emerge from the unconscious and project themselves out into the world. It is inherent in the active Aries nature to plunge into new experiences spontaneously and courageously.

Our confident, forceful & assertive fire sign, also the sign of Spring, is considered the first of 12 electromagnetic fields: number one! That sense of being first never leaves the Aries part of us. (watch out for selfishness). This is the headstrong, competitive, fearless energy, associated with planet Mars, which indicates our capacity to initiate, act & assert ourselves based on personal desire. Mars….also the god of war.

The goddess of love…Venus, which is currently retrograde (see previous blog) is sitting on one side of this independent New Moon, with Mercury, the communicator, on the other side; all four of these spheres are stressfully aspected by Pluto which is at the beginning of structured Capricorn.

Pluto deals in big-time reconstruction, renovation…breaking down & rebuilding on any and all levels, physical/emotional/mental…take at look at yourself first & be open to the transformation that is happening whether you like it or not…allow the purging, healing, cleansing to proceed. Cooperate with the evolutionary process of regeneration…death of what no longer serves us well and rebirth of the new being. The ego is undergoing tremendous pressure now to change…to let go. Pluto represents self-empowerment and changes in the management of power.

Perfect time during this Aries New Moon to begin fresh…to have a new start…to break free from old strangleholds on your spirit. And with that springtime feeling, I brought my bike in to be tuned up! Whoopie!



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