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Aries-Libra Full Moon April 9th, 2009 April 8, 2009

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No photos this time….just pure info! Remember, everyone has all the signs & planets in their birth chart, but some may be more activated by particular transits, depending on their data.

On Thursday, April 9th, 2009, at 9:56am (CDT) we have the Sun at 19*53′ Aries opposite the Moon at 19*53′ Libra; spontaneous, passionate action vs. tactful, diplomatic cooperation.

The contradiction of these two luminaries, which happens on any Full Moon, can be skillfully applied only if the polar opposite qualities of Aries & Libra are somehow integrated and both expressed.

Independent Aries operates in a pioneering, risk-taking, initiating, confident, direct, enthusiastic, daring, assertive & fearless mode. it naturally revolves around the self. Aries can inspire!

Mediating Libra has a need to cooperate, to create beauty, harmony, balance and partnership in a sharing, relating, social, considerate, gregarious, refined manner. “We” is more important than the “me”. Libra wants to please!

This Full Moon has an open channel to the powers of intuitive perception, sensitive compassion, and wholistic healing if one is open to connecting with the Divine.

There is also an abundance of crisscrossed transmitting energies involving Mars, which is the planet associated with Aries, and Saturn. Mars says “go!”…Saturn says “stop.” What will we each experience? We shall see as this cosmic story unfolds. On April 15th Mars will be at the same degree as unpredictable Uranus.. sudden change.

It is a fact that there is energy galore during a full moon and many have been feeling unnamed, shifting transmissions lately…myself included. (Not strange to hear of 6.3 earthquake in Italy, 4+ earthquake off Venezuelan coast, eruption of volcano in Chile, and another from the Alaskan volcano…all in one day. Then another good sized quake off coast of Japan 24 hrs later.)

I saw my first crocuses peeping out of the ground!



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