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Gemini New Moon May 24th 2009 May 23, 2009

Posted by cosmicsense in New Moons.

Seattle Pike Place Market...very Gemini

Seattle Pike Place Market...very Gemini

Have you felt the sudden upsurge of energies since the Sun moved from more patient, laid-back, stable Taurus into the first degrees of restless, speedy Gemini on Wednesday May 20th? The pace of my life seemed to increase alot especially in the area of communications, technology issues, phone calls, those folks around you, neighbors, siblings, etc…..much information is being exchanged. (pure Gemini) I feel wired! Adding to the whirlwind confusion, remember that Mercury, ruler of airy Gemini, is still retrograde until May 30th. (see past Mercury retrograde posts.)

The Sun and Moon, our two luminaries, are both at the exact same degree, of 3*27 Gemini, at 7:12 am (CDT) on Sunday, May 24th, 2009. New Moons represent new beginnings…seed planting time on the metaphorical level; a brief time of emergence & projection. Social, alert, verbal Gemini energy operates at a very fast rate…mental stimulation and spontaneous variety is the name of the game now as well as inquisitiveness, restlessness, indecisiveness and potential inconsistencies.

We are also experiencing an amazing conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron at 26* Aquarius at this time. (Due to retrogrades, these three remain within 10 degrees of each other from March 2009 through mid-February 2010.) Expansiveness, awareness, healing, optimism, growth in consciousness & spiritual unity are keywords here but I will put forth more info on these in the near future.

It may be challenging to focus your attention on what you need to address instead of scattering your energies here and there. I’m trying to slow myself down a bit, breathe, and trust that the inexhaustible resource of Spirit is equal to meet every demand . Bye, bye butterfly!

Pike Place Market...a Gemini experience!

Pike Place Market...a Gemini experience!



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