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Sagittarius Full Moon June 7th, 2009 June 5, 2009

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Star Flowers

Star Flowers

We have the polarity of fiery Sagittarius opposite airy Gemini activated & energized during this Full Moon on Sunday, June 7th, 2009 at 1:13pm CDT.

Moon is at 17* Sag exactly opposite Sun at 17* Gemini and both are making a difficult square to Saturn which represents the status quo & the structures in our world. Do you feel the tension?! Gemini deals with the nervous system & both signs can be restless, even impatient.

The Full Moon time is one of symbolic flowering and illumination in the natural cycle of the moon. The Sun (radiation of conscious light) in the fast-paced, flexible, changeable Gemini frequency expresses through communications & perceptions. How do we perceive & communicate? Linking up with others? The Moon (unconscious responses immersed in emotions) in Sagittarius affects how we choose to explore, expand & how we think &/or believe. This is a recipe for wanting to share the adventure!

The square to Saturn brings in more of that resistance to change we have created…trust yourself to take another leap of faith. Sometimes I get stuck and am not sure what to do…that’s when I put my faith lever into full gear. I think dancing helps too.

Enjoy the now.



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