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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse-July 7th, 2009 July 6, 2009

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Mother Nature's work

Mother Nature's work

We have a potent Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Cancer-Capricorn on Tuesday, July 7th, 2009, at 4:21am (CDT). The Sun is then at 15*24 Cancer 180 degrees away from the Moon at 15*24 Capricorn.

Sensitive CANCER is nurturing, protective, & sustaining, strongly tied to the past & the unconscious within us. It is the water sign of home, family, the “nest” & security issues. Ruled by the changeable Moon, the things felt but not seen, such as intuition, memories & emotions, are prime players in our current drama.

Structured Capricorn has the potential to be organized, responsible, practical, efficient, patient…..very grounded, unlike its opposite above. The status quo world, our social accomplishments & achievements are connected to Capricorn & it’s ruler Saturn. However don’t let fear grab hold of your imagination. Replace that with some positive thought.

When the Sun & Moon are exactly opposite each other, we experience particularly strong electromagnetic energies. Magnify that energy when a Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse with Earth (present) exactly in-between the Sun (future) & Moon (past) casting the Earth shadow upon our Moon.

Use this opportunity to be aware of and be willing to release, resolve, or heal any limiting, fearful, hypersensitive, stuck-in-the-past thoughts, patterns, beliefs, etc. about self &/or others. Loosely quoting Ram Dass, “if you think you are so enlightened, spend a week with your family ” which many of us probably did with the holiday. I personally had many judgmental thoughts pop up, but I usually caught myself, noticed what I was doing and did my best to change what kind of energy I was putting out….even if it was after the fact.

This summer we have two Cancer New Moons; the one in June at the first degree of Cancer and the upcoming New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 29* Cancer on July 21st. Along with this particular Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, that’s ALOT of sensitivity, emotional drip and psychic receptivity. I’ve been drawn to water…drinking it,sitting by it, walking along it, wading into it…letting my right brain be refreshed.

Well, here’s to us, folks!!

Chester Creek

Chester Creek



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