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New Moon/Solar Eclipse…July 21, 2009 July 19, 2009

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The second Cancer New Moon this summer…lots of emotion! Security, home, family, tribe, “where do I belong ?” seems to be emphasized during these changing times. Feelings ebb & flow quickly, like the tides of the moon.

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009, at 9:35 pm, CDT, we experience & “feel” both Sun & Moon in sensitive, receptive, water-sign Cancer at 29 degrees during this total Solar Eclipse. (visible in China) A New Moon is always a time of new beginnings when what is to be is still in gestation form; the seeds are planted & new growth is forthcoming.

During a Solar Eclipse our Moon (the past) is exactly in-between Earth (current reality) and Sun (the future). All this nurturing Cancer energy is a cosmic opportunity to come to terms with many issues of the past. Be prepared for unconscious desires dominating consciousness…let the light shine on them to reveal limitations. We can release old stuff, finish up, clean out, lose, let go or rid ourselves of past matters in order to more freely embrace the future. What do you habitually think about? What feelings are you projecting out there? How do you respond to whoever or whatever happens in your life?

You know how good you feel when you clean out a closet?! Now is a perfect chance to clean out the metaphorical attic, garage & basement too…even that back bedroom. Be aware & let go of unconscious habits & patterns….new birth is imminent. Let’s dance!

Cancer-Moving Water

Cancer-Moving Water



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