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Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse-Aug.5.2009 August 3, 2009

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Seattle Steam

Seattle Steam Company-Art for all to see

Fasten your seat belts for the Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009, at 7:55pm, CDT.

Our Moon (emotions, the unconscious) will be positioned at 13*43 high-frequency Aquarius exactly opposite the Sun (conscious purpose) at 13*43 powerful, creative Leo. The Full Moon is the flowering phase, the illumination of the Moon’s monthly cycle. The Lunar Eclipse represents a major turning point for spiritual/psychological break-through & growth; transformation abounds. Emphasis is on the contradiction of the individual ego & what is for the highest good of all; time for a resolution of conflict into unity. This relates to our personal lives all the way to the global dramas our collective egos seem to keep promoting.

We also experience two tough aspects during this Full Moon; active, passionate, risk-taking Mars challenging conventional, locked-in, status quo Saturn, and the disruptive, unpredictable Uranus facing off with core-power Pluto, the change or die renovator…like it or not. The only control we have here is control of ourselves & of our choices which is self-empowerment.

The wavy glyph of the Aquarian water-bearer symbolizes waves of water that are poured out to the world. The water represents intuition for this air-sign rather than emotion. Intuition is instant knowing….without thinking. We can’t really control intuition except to be open to the ever flowing high-frequency energy which emanates from an expanded source of consciousness.

There are beneficial planetary aspects occurring as well, that contribute to the merging of energies which help us to heal, to become more whole & to unite as we choose to live in the present.

Another reminder: astrology only correlates to reality that we have created, it does not cause it.

Everyone has ALL the signs & planets in their charts and all are in touch with these wondrous cosmic energies. Focus on what you want, I say as the siding construction workers are banging on my outside walls…..here’s something for you to look at; it’s not a mistake.

Change Your View

Change Your View



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