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Leo New Moon August 20th, 2009 August 17, 2009

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Leo...It's All About the Show!

Leo...It's All About the Show!

August 20th, 2009, we have a Leo New Moon at 5:02am CDT. Both Sun & Moon are coexisting at exactly 27*32 in creative Leo.

So after three, 1-2-3 in a row Eclipses, are things going to settle down a bit?! NO! During the week of the New Moon on the 20th, we are experiencing multiple heavy planets interacting with each other. On Aug.10th warrior Mars in Gemini was squaring (conflicting aspect) entrenched-in-it’s-ways Saturn in Virgo creating a whole lot of stress, strain & potential for frustration. (transits can be felt a few days before & after exact date)

We can still feel the strong energy of feisty, impatient, action-oriented Mars wanting to “GO, DO, ACT NOW” bumping up into “STOP! Status quo is fine with me cuz I’m comfy & scared to change” Saturn. Our ringed planet is the holder of boundaries, limitations, & blocks, initially self-imposed to keep us safe & secure, but often operating as fear when it turns into rigidity where we get stuck. “You get what you deserve” , says the karmic teacher Saturn. It is possible to use these energies to take aim & focus towards something beneficial. (On those days I personally went through a major detoxification episode.)

OK so that transit is on its way out, BUT on Aug. 18-20th busy Mars is squaring disruptive Uranus! Potentially this is a most volatile combination of two explosive forces, sudden & unpredictable like an illuminating lightning bolt erratically striking anywhere. The tension will be pervading the atmosphere, ready to explode.

Planet Uranus transmits high frequency electromagnetic waves that will change the status quo in a flash. It also represents our nervous systems & the growing sense of intuition. Monitor the stress…do what you can to keep yourself centered, balanced, relaxed & living in the present. Passionate Mars will add its assertiveness according to what is desired, selfish or not… be prepared for spontaneous, wild inner/outer action as well as perhaps brilliance & originality to move forward.

Remember we still have Saturn (status quo) opposing Uranus (sudden change) in a long-term transit (occurring 5 times from 2008 to 2010) which is also in effect. Right now they are very close to being exactly opposite which will happen in the second week of September 2009. The sense of urgency manifesting is continually overtaxing our poor nervous systems; the foundations of our life structures are being rapidly & rebelliously altered, never again to go back. Please click on Saturn Opposite Uranus on this blog to get more info.

During this New Moon (new beginnings) the qualities of the burning enthusiasm of the powerful, dynamic fire-sign Leo are emphasized. Leo rules the Sun & is strongly creative, dignified, proud, determined, dramatic, generous, & warm-hearted. There is a need for attention & being at the center of everything. Leo can be playful, entertaining, self-assured, self-confident, authoritative, organized, self-expressive, radiant & flamboyant. Presentation is everything!

While we have the above planetary aspects going on, Sun & Moon are sending out their Leo vibes to the triple, rare conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius. These 3 represent the higher intelligence of the collective mind as a beacon of hope where many are coming together in consciousness & spirit creating the new beginning we signed up for.

Yes, this is a wordy blog, but I am only a cosmic reporter…peace & beauty…good thing we have all these negative energy dispelling flowers around…love from my heart (Leo) to yours!

Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune

Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune

One last thing: as soon as I finished this post I ran downstairs, outside to my front steps and what did I see?! I screamed, but it was beautiful to watch, especially as it slithered away through my urban meadow. A first for me. Any insights/comments?





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