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Mars and Pluto Action… August 26, 2009 August 26, 2009

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Pluto.
Mars in Cancer...moving water

Mars in Cancer...moving water

Mars is Action..Cancer is Water

Mars is Action..Cancer is Water

Wednesday, Aug. 26th fast-action, energetic Mars at 0+ Cancer is exactly opposite Pluto, the Transformer dealing in life, death & rebirth on any level which is at 0+ Capricorn. The week leading up to this & the next few days will be very intense.

Pluto moves very slowly but it represents concentrated core power…such as in will power. It relates to forces underlying all experiences leading to fundamental evolutionary change from within. The way to cooperate with it is to affirm conscious connection to the Source energy. Mars relates to personal desire & can be very ego-oriented leading to impatience, anger, aggression, violence & war in the worst case scenario, or it can work as risk-taking, having courage, initiating change, moving forward, taking action and getting things accomplished.

Cancer is security-conscious, receptive, expressing through emotions, imagination, sensitivity, nurturing & is also past-oriented. Capricorn is conservative, practical, organized, responsible, & structured as in the status quo. Just a short note to let you know what’s going on.

Inner Core-Pluto & Rock-Capricorn

Inner Core-Pluto & Rock-Capricorn



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