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Pisces Full Moon 9-04-2009 September 3, 2009

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Full Moons.

No time for photos but on Friday, Sept. 4th, 2009, 11:04 am CDT, we have a marvelous Full Moon at 12*15 Pisces exactly opposite the Sun at 12*15 Virgo. (The bright “star” next to Moon in the previous days is/was Jupiter)

Intuitive water-sign Pisces is filled with gentleness, compassion, idealism, imagination, super-sensitivity & dreams. The emotional Moon can now express in a flowing, inspiring, mystical, visionary & psychic manner. The downside of this energy can manifest as escapist, delusional, too vulnerable & hypersensitive, impractical & ungrounded. However Virgo Sun being opposite the Moon now brings in the practicality, the organization skills & discipline, as well as the clear-minded discernment that aids in functioning efficiently. Just watch for being critical & judgmental.

The two sides of the Full Moon polarity ask for an awareness & acceptance of the qualities of both signs within the self & externally which can result in an integration and balancing of these energies. Other planets at this potent moment in time are adding their 2 cents worth; Mars (action) is still opposite Pluto (transformation), (read last blog),with Mercury (communications) thrown into the drama.

On Sunday, Sept 6th, Mercury turns Retrograde at 6* Libra until it reaches back to 22* Virgo on Sept. 29 when it turns Direct again. During this 3 week period communication, travel & technical problems may occur. Have patience in relationships & relating especially as the little Messenger planet is making a stressful aspect to both Mars & Pluto for about a week. Double check plans & any communications. This doesn’t cause delays, problems & screw-ups but you might experience them. Good time to redo, revise, review, reorganize.

Pluto turns Direct on Friday, Sept. 11th at the very beginning of Capricorn, which will feel like an increase of intensity going on for a few days here. This subtle shift of direction of powerful, metamorphic Pluto may bring hidden feelings to the surface & unexpressed desires. It can indicate another opportunity for cleansing, purging, elimination; a healing & revitalization…new birth after the old is discarded.

(I’ve been practicing the new ways of being every chance I get; like when I missed the bus to work the other day & had to walk uphill from the Burrito Union to UMD. I actually got lost! Every emotion popped up but I dealt with it overall with my newfound wisdom.)

The 3rd of 5 exact oppositions between conservative Saturn at 25* Virgo and progressive Uranus at 25* Pisces is happening on Tuesday, Sept.15th, 2009. This long-term transit started in Nov. 2008 & finishes in July 2010. To keep this short…please reread older blog on subject. Click on side category.

Here’s to Living In The Present!



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