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Saturn Square Pluto 2009-2010 November 7, 2009

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Collective Consciousness Shifting…there is an increasing acceleration of time…

The solar system, galactic & universal frequencies follow “as above, so below”…. every symbol pertains to inner personal change and also the expansion of collective consciousness with changes on the outer world stage.

Saturn & Pluto; two heavy planets…both transmit energy that relates to the power of authority; Saturn will be making 3 square aspects to Pluto from 2009 to 2010.

Saturn, our sphere with rings/boundaries, represents the status quo, structure, responsibility, self-discipline, accomplishments & the wisdom that is gained from experience. In its teacher capacity, serious Saturn also functions as delay, restriction, limitation; you get what you deserve. It’s not punishment, it’s karma & we are always learning as we continually create our world.

The Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, deals in power & control, and represents deep, hidden,concentrated core energy which is forever transforming, transmuting, regenerating…death & rebirth. New life. Plutonian action signifies complex scenarios of intense energy releases which are made available for construction or destruction. The subconscious energy can operate compulsively, obsessively, & in extremes, however the endpoint (is there ever an end?!) leads to renewal & revitalization once the obstructions are cleared away…and they will be.

The confrontational square (a 90*angle of tension, pressure, & challenge which can lead to potential great effort creating opportunities) between them is a tough aspect, especially with this unlikely couple. We can feel it gearing up as it will be exact 3 times; first on November 15, 2009, again on Jan 31st, 2010 and finally on Aug. 21, 2010.

We must also keep in mind this aspect is layered on top of the longer-term pattern of five oppositions between Saturn and radical Uranus that began in the fall of 2008 through to August 2010. Review previous post listed on the side.

Not to confuse the issue but this leads up to an even more intense, complex pattern where Uranus moves into an exact square to Pluto seven times during the period of 2012-2015. You may have heard of this upcoming dynamic cardinal T-square that we earthlings have manifested. It involves Uranus & Pluto along with Saturn & Jupiter. Cardinal energy represents new beginnings, like the beginning of each new season, quick & immediate initiations or creations that burst forth in an outward release. More info on this cardinal T-square in future blog!

Back to Saturn & Pluto: Cautious Saturn has just entered the electromagnetic field of Libra on Oct. 29th and on Nov.15th this ringed energy transmitter at 1*43 diplomatic Libra exactly squares Pluto at 1*43 methodical Capricorn. (Anyone with early cardinal signs prominent in their birthchart will definitely be going through long-term profound changes & we all have them somewhere.)

Libra, symbolized by the scales, is about relationships of all kinds. As we swing back & forth through our experiences with others to constantly regain our equilibrium, we learn as we go, moment by moment. Difficult interactions will take us out of our comfort zone & add to our already strained stress level. I can only hope I will be very, very flexible. oops,I mean I am flexible, I am filled with strength from my core, I am fearless, I am intuitive, I am a joyful being who is loving & grateful for everything. I am returning to the Source.

Back to the material world, the Saturn part of us feels real comfortable with the status quo and can balk at change (crystallization, insecurity, rigidity) ..reacting with fear, depression, self-doubt or in manifesting lack. Catalyst Pluto is not going to give up…this is like a battle between what currently is and what will be…..once we purge & eliminate what isn’t working. Painless? No, but Saturn is exalted in Libra…it is the voice of reality which will call our attention to how we relate, personally, globally, or galactically. As the intensity increases patience & a sense of humor can help alleviate the anxiety level…take risks, break patterns…redirect your energy where needed…focus on responsibilities to self & others. Rules & regulations are changing fast…so much is happening so quickly that a new attitude of amped-up flow with life while tending to business is a valuable skill.

Nov. 15, 2009….Jan. 31, 2010….Aug. 21, 2010

The dates of the three exact squares between reliable Saturn, the timekeeper, and transforming Pluto, the renovator, are markers of our world (inner psychological & outer events) which is being reshaped as we create desirable structures; a time of negotiation or escalation.

Planetary transmissions are not only a cosmic time clock; they are the symbols of the higher frequencies abounding in the mysteries of life with so much unknown & unpredictable. We don’t know the future because we are always creating it in the moment by every thought, every choice, every action we make. Collective fear can be insidious & pervade the atmosphere like toxic swamp gas. My tip of the day; don’t go see the movie “2012”…. instead create what you want.




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