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Gemini Full Moon Dec. 1st/2nd, 2009 November 30, 2009

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Full Moons.

Wednesday December 2nd, 2009, at 1:30 am (CST) we will be immersed in a communicative Gemini Full Moon with Sun at 10* fiery Sagittarius exactly opposing the Moon at 10* airy Gemini. The day before Uranus turns Direct, which will increase the excitement level quite abit.

Our Sun, representing conscious purpose, life force & creative potential, opposite the Moon, symbolizing emotional responses, nurturing factors, the feminine principle & instinctive behavior, are 180 degrees apart during the full phase. Like any polarity, an understanding of both sides & an integration of all energies is desirable rather than a tug of war.

Both Gemini & Sag are mentally-oriented & usually communicative. Bright, witty Gemini may not delve too deeply in one area, preferring to take in all the other interesting options as well. Outspoken Sagittarius, however, may evolve into a wise, understanding old sage, overcoming tendencies for impractical, opinionated, self-righteous, & excessive behavior.

Gemini, associated with speedy & nervous Mercury-messenger of the gods, is very curious, alert, flexible, verbal, knowledgeable, versatile, inventive & changeable…this intelligent energy, wherever it is in our birthchart, needs to share info, talk, talk, talk & learn.

Sagittarius, a free spirit associated with expansive Jupiter, seeks to explore the horizons of the abstract mind; religious/spiritual, metaphysical, ethical, philosophical. Searching for truth anywhere & everywhere, Sag can be very idealistic, optimistic, open-minded, generous, tolerant, fun-loving & adventurous.

Uranus, planet of intuition, at 22*42 Pisces, moves forward hours before the power surge of the Full Moon and is bound to impact the intensity of life, as it suddenly releases its liberating, spontaneous, illuminating, unpredictable energy. The few days before & after an outer planet changes direction (astromagic,..it doesn’t really go backwards & forward of course)  the qualities the planet symbolizes are emphasized & may express more strongly in the world. Intuition capability will be right on & accentuated to a higher frequency.

With Uranus, there are no certainties…no way to predict…expect the unexpected..it is the radical disrupter, helping us to break free from the old, outworn stuff which is blocking our growth…it has a direct wavelength to multidimensional consciousness. Uranus also connects to the nervous system, so do what you can to healthfully soothe your nerves & those of beings around you.

Remember we are still feeling the Saturn square Pluto increased level of tension & intensity of Nov. 15th; the next exact square is on January 31, 2010. (Refer to post on sidebar for more info on those two) We have the collective shift of Saturn opposite Uranus which is also in operation through summer 2010. (see sidebar post)

Life is such a trip! Hope you didn’t have to experience throwing up on Thanksgiving & having your mate’s parked car totaled (by someone messing with his ipod ) while you slept, like someone, er…I did. I know, all a learning experience…..I am grateful for what I have. Here comes the cold front! Its snowing…yippee!




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