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Sagittarius New Moon Dec. 16, 2009 December 15, 2009

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Rock of Superior

Both our Sun & Moon are at the exact same degree 24*39 Sagittarius during the New Moon (seed planting time) on Wednesday, December 16th, 2009, at 6:o2am (CST). Intuitive, enthusiastic Sagittarius is the seeker of truth & meaning, adventurer, lover of wide open spaces, explorer in travels and/or ideas, visions, dreams that expand one’s world; the Sag in us fears constraint and needs personal freedom more than any other sign.

Uranus is squaring (a challenging aspect) this Sun/Moon combo, adding a bit of excitement & unexpected change. Other planets lend their flavoring so who knows what’s going to turn up?! Wise not to overdo anything.

Energetic Mars turns retrograde (apparent backward movement) at 20* Leo on Sunday, Dec. 20th. Wherever you have this degree in your birthchart, you may be feeling the desire for action NOW but that urge might either have to wait patiently or be used for more inward growth until Mars turns Direct March 10th, 2010. Passionate Mars spends over 6 months in creative Leo, due to this retrograde action; usually it zips through a sign in 40-50 days. A whole wave of baby boomers have their Pluto in Leo & it will be activated by mucho energy in the death & rebirth theme.

Winter Solstice is the exact point when the Sun moves into the first degree of Capricorn at 11:47 am CST on Monday, December 21, 2009 and we start receiving a bit more sunlight every day until the spring equinox up to the Summer Solstice. Hooray for the radiant light! Expansive, optimistic Jupiter will be at the same degree as visionary, compassionate Neptune at 24* Aquarius blending hope, idealism & humanitarian energy.

We have a powerful planetary set-up on Dec. 24th with intense Pluto sitting next to Sun at 3* Cap & both squaring (tension) Moon 3* Aries & Saturn 4* Libra. Meditate before you do anything…breathe & be flexible. Sing cheery songs (for me, Christmas carols) days in advance…or whatever calming activities you choose.

Saturday,the day after Christmas, communicator Mercury turns retrograde at 22* Capricorn until it turns forward again at 5*35 Cap on Jan. 15, 2010. Instead of our Mercurical energy flowing outward like usual, a part of it is channeled more deeply inward into the unconscious mind. However, our transmission and reception of information and communications may encounter difficulties or delays and possibly electronics/mechanics may be affected.

I get caught up in the woes of the world like everyone else…anxiety, sadness & stress run rampant & I struggle everyday with maintaining my balance within the duality. I am practicing living in a state of surrender. Pain, both physical & emotional, is teaching me to pay attention to where & how I focus my attention. WHAT?! Are you telling me I signed up for this…er…ok. I may wear my “Life is Good” hat and my magic skirt on Christmas!

Before the Storm




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