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Cancer Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Dec. 31, 2009 December 28, 2009

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Snow Clouds

Thursday, December 31st, 2009, 1:14pm, CST, we experience a glorious Lunar Eclipse which can only happen during a Full Moon time. With our Sun at 10* Capricorn opposite Moon at 10* Cancer, Earth (the present) is exactly in-between the Sun (future) and the Moon ( past ). This is an opportunity for a major spiritual/psychological breakthrough.

The Sun(consciousness) & Moon (emotions) at the same exact degree but in opposite signs, work with the issues from different viewpoints. During the Lunar Eclipse the light transmitted from the Sun is blocked; we need to let go of the past blockage in order to move on, and/or the subconscious/emotional/psychic facets of the self demand attention by exploding into consciousness as we directly or indirectly project our stuff onto external reality where we then have to deal with it.

This process is even more intense because water sign Cancer, ruled by the responsive Moon, is all about our feeling self, our emotional, sensitive, vulnerable & protective nature. At this time we want to shed light upon our unconscious parts; to accept whatever surfaces & then let it go, thus resolving past inner conflicts to clear the way for future wholeness & unity.

Saturn, at 4*39 Libra, turns retrograde on the morning of Jan. 13th, 2010. More on that later.

With Mars & Mercury both in retrograde motion, things can be more complicated than usual. (see previous post for info on them) The outer planets & their challenging aspects reflect the longer-term complexities of life as we know it. So we carry on…being as flexible & adaptable as possible; letting go of emotional armor that used to protect us but no longer does. The cosmic electromagnetic waves are definitely bombarding us, but a higher purpose is being orchestrated in the symphony of life. Happy New Year!

Peace on Earth

After the Storm

Chester Creek

Eye of the Storm




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