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New Moon/Solar Eclipse Jan. 14/15, 2010 January 11, 2010

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Friday, January 15, 2010, 1:12 am, CST: we have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 25* Capricorn with both Sun & Moon at the same degree.

The Moon is situated exactly in-between Earth and Sun, with Moon overshadowing the light of the Sun…an event that symbolizes the unconscious desires dominating the conscious ones. Time to clean up, lose or rid ourselves of past memories, feelings, &/or responses in order to more freely embrace the future. Unexpected conditions or surprising situations may need to be dealt with… if you can free up your schedule a bit & create some space it would help. For people with 25* Capricorn accentuated in their birthchart …major transition time. Keep in mind the action planet Mars in creative Leo is still retrograde into early March, 2010; some plans may have to simmer for awhile but the groundwork is proceeding now.

A New Moon is a time of laying the foundation for new projects, new beginnings & new possibilities; realistic, earth-sign Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is associated with building & maintaining structures in life, government, business & industry, organizational activities, the various authorities, the elders, the teacher, the reality that we created, practicalities, your own wisdom & authority, and changes symbolized by the passage of time. (the list could go on & on)

Saturn turns Retrograde Jan. 13th, the day before this eclipse, at 4*39 Libra (relationships, cooperation, beauty, harmony, balance) until it turns Direct in May at the end of Virgo. The few days around the 13th the energies of Saturn (structures we have built to provide security & stability in our lives, whether they are still useful or not) will be emphasized. Saturn calls for attention, focus, organization, effort, self-discipline, etc. particularly in the Libran part of your birthchart.

Then communicator Mercury moves Direct at 5*35 Capricorn hours after the Eclipse on the 15th. Perhaps my computer problems will go away! …the miniphase of Mercury retrograde and it’s 3 weeks to review, reflect & reconsider is done until next time.

Do you notice all the emphasis on CAPRICORN going on here? I must get in touch with my sense of humor to help lighten up the industrious, cautious, responsible, systematic, efficient, realistic, possible controlling, rigid, fearful & pessimistic mountain goat part of me! I used to do astro-cartoons for my monthly astrology newsletter, but how do I do that on the computer?! Maybe I’ll just draw some anyway…for myself…they made me laugh. Adios for now!

“Criticism should be heeded only when it supports your higher purpose.”



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