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Leo Full Moon Jan.29/30th, 2010 January 25, 2010

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Ice Houses

Leo Moon looks full on Friday night the 29th, but it’s actually an exact Full Moon shortly after midnight on Saturday, Jan. 30th, 12:18 am, CST. The 10*15 Aquarius Sun opposite Moon at 10*15 Leo represents a peak, flowering time in the monthly lunar cycle.

The conscious light of universal, progressive, innovative & revolutionary Aquarius Sun is reflected upon the creative, dynamic, radiant, powerful & dramatic Leo Moon; the abundant energies zapping around the cosmos are wild & crazy; be open to your intuition and direct or focus inner harmony & love on any personal &/or collective level as we continually find our equilibrium.

Assertive Mars (which is still retrograde) in Leo is now sitting with the Leo Moon opposing harmonious Venus which is next to the intuitive Aquarius Sun in this electromagnetic field of higher frequency. Interesting configuration as the Moon & Venus represent the feminine principle, which is receptive & absorbing, like the negative charge in electricity…Sun & Mars are both representatives of the masculine principle as in the radiating positive electrical charge. Just thought I’d throw that in….its all as mysterious as electricity!

First wave baby boomers (my peers) all have this Leo Mars (activity, drive, assertion, courage, initiative) ( but Mars is retro until March 11th, so action may be stalled or slower) on their natal Pluto !?! BIG TIME transforming on any level…..letting go…transition…not in our control…we’re healing, purging, having another…..oh, let’s have another tree! These are calming to me.

Healing Mother Nature

This Full Moon set-up seems to present multiple polarities which call for awareness & integration of diverse parts (of the self, others, the world stage) along with creating & maintaining balance as we go. It is a constant, never-ending stream of life that appears to be accelerating & daily adjustment is necessary. Connecting to the Source in whatever manner you do is the key. I realize I’m not always creating peace, love & beauty, but that’s my game plan.

Disciplined Saturn in refined Libra is in harmonious alignment to Sun & Venus, supporting our creations of liberal, original, humanitarian alliances, relationships, & partnerships as we build upon our evolving value system. Don’t forget to include non-earthlings.

Sunday, Jan. 31st, 2010 we experience the 2nd of 3 exact squares (a square is a challenging mathematical aspect indicating internal conflict, tension, dynamic & quick action) between Saturn at 4*23 Libra and Pluto at 4*23 Capricorn. Right on the heels of the Full Moon! Aside from the discomfort & distress we may feel, there is possibility of opportunity & accomplishment at this particular turning point which leads up to 2012 & the beginning of the amazing planetary alignment with Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter & Uranus. Focus on the positive.

Here’s a quick review of Saturn square Pluto; (check sidebar for an in-depth explanation)

Pluto symbolizes the life & death force, transformation, regeneration, rebirth, power, self-empowerment, intensity, extremes, control, secrets, the underworld, that which is hidden from view, the subconscious self, the deep, inner core of being, other people’s money, debt, compulsions, obsessions, atomic power (Plutonium), terrorists..don’t get freaked out.

Saturn is the principle of contraction, restriction & limitation, purposefulness, concentration, focus, authority, responsibility, seriousness, loss, caution, patience, organization, form, structures, boundaries, fear, delays, tradition and the status quo…we get real comfy with what we’re used to, even if it’s rigid or inhibiting or not working for our highest good.

This difficult aspect of Saturn square Pluto means the structures in government, big business, corporations, the military?!, the Wall Street, or any other institution that is outdated, toxic, corrupt, or manipulative is due to be broken down & be restructured. This also means our ego structure is transforming…. all part of the wholistic Earth: Growth & Evolution 101 that we signed up for. The shift is on! Get out your dancing shoes! (or duct tape if you just don’t want to let go yet!)





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