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Virgo Full Moon 2-28-2010 February 26, 2010

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Lake Energy

Sunday, February 28, 2010, 10:38 am, CST: this last day of Feb. is the morning of the Full Moon with Moon at 9*59 Virgo exactly opposite Sun at 9*59 Pisces . Not only are these 2 cosmic lights polarized but expansive, visionary Jupiter is also right next to the Sun.

The Sun (solar consciousness) is in intuitive, receptive water-sign Pisces with the optimistic, benevolent energy transmitter Jupiter which helps guide us into our ethical & moral truth. Our faith, trust & positiveness can be dialed up to high during this Full Moon. We also have Venus (love, relating, cooperation, harmony, grace, values) & Uranus ( the liberator, awakener, rebel, illumination, originality, unpredictable, sudden change) sitting together at 21* & 25* in sensitive, imaginative, ethereal, compassionate Pisces.

The Virgo Moon is 180* opposite boundless, flowing, & transcendental Pisces Sun at this peak Moon phase. Virgo earth energy represents a highly developed mentality that is also grounded as rational, practical, conscientious, efficient & discerning; the challenge is to balance & integrate the two hemispheres of the brain leading us to a more wholistic, unified space. Let go of what doesn’t work & allow the loving self you are creating to be in the present.

Both Sun & Moon are now making beneficial aspects to transforming, cathartic, metamorphic Pluto in Capricorn which will help us cut through the confusion & illusions of life as we continue to regenerate & revitalize our inspiring new birth.

The cosmic solvent Neptune (ruler of Pisces) sits close by Chiron (Wounded Healer; our own wounds, our own healing) & communicator Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) at the end of independent, liberal, progressive, humanitarian & eccentric Aquarius. Notice all the dirty laundry being aired by public figures? I withhold judgment; they are only symbolic of the collective wounds that we are all healing with such intensity these last years.

Leo Mars is still retrograde; it turns Direct on March 10th at the first degree of Leo….finally. The week or so before this change of direction can slow everything down to a snail’s pace but be patient.

Saturn is still squaring Pluto adding to the heaviness. Click article explaining them on the sidebar. I reread it periodically to remind myself.

Uranus enters Aries for a short time on May 29th, 2010. It retrogrades, goes back into Pisces & then on March 13th, 2011, Uranus re-enters Aries for a long trek. More on that later!

While on the shore of Lake Superior a week ago, north of Knife River, I heard an unusual sound… jangling, snapping …like when an elementary teacher in gym class hauls out all the hula hoops & they bump together..yes, it was the invisible, thin layer of surface ice crackling unlike any ice music I’ve heard before..the thin ice symphony!

The next morning strange sounds were echoing all across the lake; my first thought was…extraterrestrials communicating a song of high frequency tones…another ice symphony..the highlight of my weekend!



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