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Pisces New Moon 3-15-2010 March 14, 2010

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, New Moons.

Lakewalk Scenery

Just 5 days earlier, on March 10th, assertive Mars stopped at 0*creative Leo, finally turned from its long retrograde motion of internalizing energy, & began its forward direction..it may take a few days before it gathers steam but we can sense the action starting…thank goddess, I need some more physical vitality, pep & spiritedness in my life. (I know planets do not cause things to happen, but I slip into that astro-talk mode sometimes.)

Sun & Moon are both at 25*10 universal Pisces as we begin another New Moon cycle on Monday, March 15th, 4:01pm, CDT. (We change over to Daylight Saving Time on the 14th.)

The New Moon in Pisces brings us into the creative, dreamy, ethereal & mystical realms. As a water sign it represents that which is flowing, boundless, infinite, receptive & sensitive. Our two “lights” channel that energy across this part of the cosmos & set a new compassionate, sacrificing, idealistic, & visionary pattern for 30 0r so days. What universe of reality are you creating in your own mind?

Next to Sun & Moon, speedy , communicative Mercury & electric, original Uranus are both at 26* Pisces….more imaginative, unifying, inspiring & transcendental waves. Both of these planets signify the nervous system so use the opposing structured, purposeful Saturn vibes to ground yourself & perhaps express in non-rational, more right brain ways. Watch the confusion factor…intangible Pisces can come across as vague, impractical, vacillating & delusional at times.

We leave the last sign of the zodiac & move into Aries on March 20th, the first sign and the first day of SPRING! The Sun is shining…I must go out & play after I get all the cat hair, etc. out of my winterized, closed-up house!




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