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Libra Full Moon 3-29-2010 March 24, 2010

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1st Day of Spring

A Spring Full Moon: our Sun sits at 9*17 Aries and Moon is exactly opposite to the minute at 9*17 Libra on March 29th, 2010, at 9:25pm, CDT. This polarization of the conscious & subconscious facets of our being brings the “me” of the bold, assertive, courageous, risk-taking Aries self face to face with the “us” of the cooperative, considerate, partnership-oriented Libran self & challenges everyone to balance the two opposites while expressing the qualities skillfully …pertains not only to individuals but to the larger scope of groups, businesses, countries, etc.

Now this may be easy to say, but harder to do, as transformative, cathartic Pluto 5* Capricorn is making a tense square to both Sun & Moon adding to the pressure to resolve the Aries-Libra complexities that have been continually manifesting in our lives. Pluto represents concentrated power of core energy relating to forces underlying all experiences which lead to fundamental evolutionary changes from within..dynamic major changes! The world stage may seem outside of our control, but we can control our choices which in turn reverberate throughout the cosmos.

Pluto’s purpose is Survival…losing what we think we need to discover what we truly need. This energy transmitter of death, destruction & rebirth, on any level, does not destroy anything that has not grown toxic. It symbolizes the capacity to transform & renew the self through eliminating, letting go, purifying, purging, cleansing, healing; metamorphic, regenerating and revitalizing as we are reborn through resurrection like the phoenix rising from the depths.

Unregenerated Pluto can operate quite compulsively, obsessively, expressing power complexes, needing to dominate or manipulate….but we can set our intentions to empower ourselves in our process of being instead of trying to control anyone else.

Active, passionate Mars at 2* Leo,” the legs & arms of the ego ” (borrowed from Ralfee Finn), is a big player during this Full Moon; it is harmoniously & energetically aspecting the fresh Aries Sun, supporting our creations…. squaring peaceful, loving Venus, perhaps adding a dose of anger & aggression in our relationships….and warrior Mars is challenging Pluto, setting up a need for adjustment between these two potent energies.

I love my little garden flowers pushing their way out of the dirt…tulips peeking up, tiny, delicate blue scilla waiting for more rain….it has been a long winter and we all need the spring…new, fresh energy!

Last Ice Trail

Tree says, "Yes, the Years Leave Their Mark"




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