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Aries New Moon April 14, 2010 April 12, 2010

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, New Moons.

Chester Creek

The Aries New Moon means both Sun & Moon are at exactly 24*27 Aries on Wednesday, April 14, 2010, CDT, at 7:30am. Not only is this the monthly time of planting seeds for new beginnings, but the electromagnetic energy field of Aries, numero uno in the circle of 12 zodiac signs, embraces fresh starts with enthusiasm, directness, & courage; excelling at living in the present.

On this New Moon we may all feel the urge of the innovative, eager, spontaneous fiery spirit; it is important to be rooted in our physical & instinctive natures experiencing the Aries “I Am” in a way that grounds us in reality & substance, as there can be a pronounced desire for stimulation & excitement in order to feel vital and alive! Beware of reckless, angry, impulsive, impatient or self-centered behavior.

Active Aries wants things to happen right now! But there are other cosmic events mirroring our Earthly creations that reflect complications. (Remember astrology only correlates to reality, it DOES NOT cause it.)

Speedy Mercury at 12 degrees stable, calm, productive Taurus turns retrograde on April 17th through May 11th when it makes its station at 2*41 Taurus, moving forward once again. Unlike the Ram, the Bull takes its time…this apparent backward movement only emphasizes the slower pace; good time to revisit, review, reorganize, release what isn’t working, double-check the details & confirm communications. I’m going to prioritize my values. Time appears to be moving quite fast & as I age, I appear to not have the boundless energy I had when I was younger, so now wisdom in making choices appeals to me even more.

Within the many layers we are also experiencing an upcoming powerful opposition between structured, status quo Saturn & progressive, revolutionary Uranus, exact on April 26th. Saturn will be at 28*46 Virgo opposite Uranus at 28*46 Pisces. Even though it is ahead of us, right before the Scorpio Full Moon on April 28th, we can certainly feel the stress & tension of this in many areas of life as we know it. (Please refer to Saturn opposite Uranus on sidebar for more detailed info.) This is the 4th opposition in a series of 5, which started in Nov. 2008. The 5th & last of this particular aspect is July 26th, 2010 and enters a new polarity of Aries-Libra. More on this later because a larger cosmic pattern is then being activated concerning the Cardinal signs.

We are living in times of the mysterious unknown….major transitions & shifts are taking place & our mindset can’t really grasp a hold of what is going on…..so I trust that Divine guidance is moving through me in such a way as to reveal my true nature and my future path as it unfolds in each moment.



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