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Scorpio Full Moon April 28, 2010 April 24, 2010

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010, at 7:20 AM, CDT: We experience an extremely powerful Full Moon with Sun at 8* Taurus opposite Moon at 8* Scorpio. Together these two luminaries embody the principle of polarity both in our physical world & our psychological nature. The Full phase is the peak of light in the monthly Moon cycle & represents the total illumination of the vision started at the New Moon; the symbolic seed flowers… or not…and the cycle continues, over & over.

Our Sun, on April 19th, entered the electromagnetic field of calm, determined, earthy Taurus, the sign concerning self-worth, security, & values. Now we are being challenged to be productive, persevering, & steady..with both feet on the ground. Associated with sensual Venus, artistry & love of beauty combine with a need to be resourceful at a practical level. Taurus likes to keep things simple & comfortable. Messenger Mercury, still retrograde through May 11th, is at the exact same 8* Taurus as the Sun during this Lunar peak; the rational mind, sensory perceptions & communications will be emphasized.

Moon at this time in opposing intense, passionate, magnetic Scorpio has similar qualities to Taurus in loyalty, determination, resourcefulness, stubbornness & possessiveness/ jealousy; however the scorpion/eagle would dial it up about 1000 per cent…very intense, compulsive/obsessive & secretive at times. The real gift of the deeply emotional Scorpio within us is the ability to transform the self. Life-death-rebirth at any level, is the on-going program here….regeneration, metamorphic change, healing & transmutation, & revitalization as the new self emerges…the energy of wholeness & the ability to experience anything willingly & without resistance is optimal.

Transmutation...The Snake Who Visited Me

Instinctive Scorpio is associated with both Pluto (transformation, power, control issues, catharsis, purging, elimination, cleansing, the underworld) & Mars (initiative, action, drive, self-projection, desire, the sexual nature, assertiveness ). During this Full Moon warrior Mars at 11* Leo is squaring (aspect creating tension, challenge for growth) both Sun/Mercury & Moon. This Mars is also sitting on the first wave (me & my peers born in late 1945-early 1946) of baby boomer’s natal Pluto!!?! Pluto at 5* Capricorn is harmoniously aspecting Sun & Moon, facilitating transition.Can we use this immense energy to make wise choices, even though we may be in discomfort, stress, or pain? Complexity is rampant. Give thought to what you value…

A Scorpio Full Moon on the heels of an exact opposition of Saturn (the old) and Uranus (the new) just two days before,on April 26th, is a powerful, dynamic charge of maximum intensity throughout our whole cosmic neighborhood. The old institutions, status quo structures (personal or global) are being changed, often suddenly & radically disrupted; no way to predict with innovative, original, liberating Uranus…secrets are revealed, truth surfaces in many areas. Keep your sights on what you want to create.

Big News: at the very end of May, 2010, Uranus leaves Pisces & enters the very beginning of Aries. Uranus retrogrades July 5th & re-enters Pisces Aug.15th and does not return to Aries until March 2011. July 26th, 2010 is the last opposition between Saturn (the known) in early Libra & Uranus (the unknown) in early Aries. These are 2 cardinal signs being activated….More info later. Even my astrologer’s brain can barely handle all this data at once.

August 21, 2010, is the last of 3 squares between Saturn & Pluto in Libra-Capricorn. Also more on that aspect at a later date.

Here are some scenes to clear your mind…..stay flexible! Any comments are appreciated.

Chester Pines



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