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Sagittarius Full Moon 5-27-10 May 24, 2010

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Heaven on Earth

Behold the glorious Full Moon on Thursday evening, May 27, 6:07 pm (CDT) with the Sun at 6*33 visionary Sagittarius exactly opposite Moon at 6*33 communicative Gemini. This perfect polarity of the flowering phase of the lunar cycle exhibits illumination & objectivity between the masculine & feminine archetypes. We need to balance & integrate the expansive, truth-seeking, adventurous, aspiring, freedom-loving Sag energy with the changeable, inquisitive, connecting, sociable, versatile Gemini part of us.

Intuitive Sagittarius, associated with planet Jupiter (mythological god of Divine Wisdom), represents the qualities of understanding the larger picture, having a broader perspective & generously sharing wisdom in an ethical, idealistic & open-minded manner. Just be aware of “nothing in excess” where Sag is concerned. Gemini (planet Mercury’s home base) learns, teaches & communicates logically & knowledgeably wherever & whoever it visits, sometimes in a restless, noncommittal, unemotional style.

Full Moons are always powerful energy times, but we have multiple inter-planetary aspects, etc. currently adding to the complexity. First of all, Uranus is leaving Pisces & entering the electromagnetic field of Aries on the day of the Full Moon. Its a whole new cosmic ballgame…all the old rules seem to be flung about. I can only attempt to let go of attachments to any outcome… allow the love to flow in & out of my heart…easy to say, harder to do. I loved seeing the Dalai Lama on the Today Show recently. He said “things are getting better”…”people are more compassionate”…”don’t worry.”

A few days before, on May 23rd, Venus (goddess of beauty, love, harmony) in emotional Cancer opposed transforming Pluto in controlling Capricorn which adds to the intensity of life as we know it…send healing to North & South Korea, among others. Expansive Jupiter is exactly opposite restrictive Saturn on May 23th as well asking us “is the glass half full or half empty?”

Jupiter is also moving closer to high-frequency Uranus and they will be exactly conjunct at the same degree in the beginning of Aries on June 8th, 2010...mind-expanding! Whew! I will write more about Uranus in Aries next time because its a major change and I don’t want to overload your circuits with info.

We still have the ongoing series of five Saturn opposite Uranus aspects, which started in 2008, adding extreme cosmic stress upon us as we humans are in process of transforming. The 4th one was April 27th, 2010; the 5th & last exact opposition between these two will occur on July 26th, 2010. Saturn as the status quo material-world, form, structure & authority becomes crystallized over time and that which is too rigid must break up, thanks to liberating, radical, sudden, unpredictable Uranus whose job it is to awaken us so we can get on with evolving. Be gentle with yourself not to mention everyone else.


I need to go tend to my cats who just ate the seedlings I was growing in the front porch.




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