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Gemini New Moon June 12, 2010 June 10, 2010

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Uranus, planet of sudden change, recently (end of May) moved from sensitive, watery Pisces into action-oriented, fiery Aries. This is a major shift in electro-magnetic frequency which surrounds the planet. Jupiter, the largest of energy transmitters in our solar system,, moved into Aries later on June 5th. On June 8th, at 1* Aries, we experience the first of three conjunctions (both planets at the exact same degree of a sign) of Jupiter/Uranus. (also September 18th at 29* Pisces & Jan. 4, 2011 at 27* Pisces) Back into Pisces due to retrograde action…returns into Aries March 2011.

Expansive, benevolent, optimistic & philosophical Jupiter magnifies, amplifies & intensifies whatever it contacts…and in this case we will feel erratic bursts of originality, innovation, illumination, reform, genius &/or rebellion, anarchy & radical behavior because high-frequency Uranus operates unexpectedly & suddenly, bringing change, at times disruptive, onto the scene; both planets symbolize intuitive awareness….if you haven’t already…learn to flow & follow your intuition. Energy such as this cannot be controlled or predicted. I like R.Finn’s description that we earthlings are doing ” consciousness boot camp” …and daily life is our training field.


Then there is the cardinal fire Aries factor; definitely a sign of daring initiation & spontaneous, active change. Fire is considered the great purifier; what exactly will happen during Uranus’s trip through this independent yang energy field remains to be seen. We are still living with the occurrence of Uranus (the unknown)… and now Jupiter, opposing Saturn (the known). They will be exactly opposite on July 26th during the Aquarius Full Moon time. We need to let go of whatever we have outgrown.

So the Gemini New Moon! On Saturday, June 12th, 6:15am, CDT, 2010, both Sun & Moon are at 21*24 Gemini; a time of conception, birth of new ideas, new thoughts, new communications. Saturn challenges these two which can assist in focusing on the above, refining & using only what works for the highest good of all concerned.

There are multiple aspects during this New Moon; too numerous to write about which would be mind-boggling…just remember, energy follows thought…practice goodwill & harmlessness.

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