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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 6-26-10 June 24, 2010

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Full Moons, Lunar Eclipse.

This VERY complex Capricorn Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse is exact on Saturday, June 26, 2010, 6:30am (CDT) with Sun at 4*46 sensitive, water-sign Cancer opposite Moon at 4*46 practical, earthy Capricorn. To add to the intensity, transformative Pluto is now at 4*05 Capricorn, sitting right in the lap of the Full Moon…couldn’t get much closer! The day before this event, on June 25th, the Sun exactly opposes Pluto & continues to trigger that opposition for the next few powerful days. Challenging aspects are so numerous I can’t begin to describe them.

On June 21st, 6:30am (CDT) the Sun entering the first degree of emotional Cancer signified the Summer Solstice point, time of the largest percentage of sunlight available, until next June. (I’m speaking of the Northern hemisphere of course) Cancer is another cardinal (spontaneous action) sign along with Capricorn (where cathartic Pluto is & will be for years), Aries (Uranus & faster moving Jupiter are both there), & Libra (serious Saturn was & will again be in Libra on July 30th) Exactly on the Solstice those planets formed a Grand Square which is an extremely potent, major aspect…very difficult to try to interpret what this all means. This is the lead-in to tremendous energies which will be continuing through 2011, 2012 & up to 2015.

Uranus turns Retrograde at 0*35 Aries on July 5th, moves back into Pisces in August, turns Direct (forward moving) in Dec. and on March 13th, 2011, high-frequency Uranus re-enters the beginning of Aries for the next 7 years. We are already having a taste of that unpredictable combination…the weather alone is proof of that! Nervous systems are strained, yes, even more so.

Restrictive Saturn moves out of Virgo back into balanced Libra on July 21st, where it remains through Oct. 2012. July 26th is the last opposition between Saturn (the status quo) & Uranus (shatterer of old forms), setting the stage before more powerful, longer-lasting planetary cycles of change begin.

The Full Moon relates to greater cosmic energy affecting earthlings & beyond; this Cancer-Capricorn Lunar Eclipse symbolizes an important turning point of letting go of the past, closing the door, cleaning out the closet. shifting gears, whatever way you choose to express it…the security, safety & continuity of family, tribal, racial preservation is up for radical change. This is a compelling time for a spiritual/psychological breakthrough involving our emotional, subconscious, psychic factors, which we usually meet up with in the external world. Ground yourself. Do what you do to inspire, heal, love, visualize, sooth & be the light that you are. I plan on dancing to Macy Gray’s new CD..she sings “there is beauty in the world“….breathe deeply friends.




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