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Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse 7-11-2010 July 9, 2010

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Uranian Peony

A major configuration of extremely powerful cosmic energies are enveloping us during the Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse which takes place Sunday, July 11th, 2010, 2:40pm (CDT). Both Sun & Moon at 19*24 Cancer add mucho emotional energy to the on-going complex astrological aspects. As Ralfee Finn says “The waves of intensity continue to pound the shores of daily life.”

Receptive Cancer is a cardinal water-sign that is all about feelings, emotions, family, mother, nurturing & protective needs, safety & security issues, the unconscious, psychic realms, & the imagination. At times the Cancer part of us operates as a worrier, being retentive, hypersensitive, moody, clingy &/or fearful. This sign is associated with the Moon & both deal with the sense of belonging, memories & the past as well as comfort & security.

A New Moon represents the conception point or a new beginning; the initiation phase of the 28 day lunation cycle which is subdivided into eight moon phases. A Solar Eclipse occurs at the close or exact alignment of a New Moon where the Moon (the past) is blocking the light of the Sun (the future) from Earth (the present)…. time of finishing up, ridding self of old matters that may cloud one’s perspective, releasing the past. It is an opportunity to awaken to previously hidden information that may come through unexpectedly as we clear the space..prepare for surprises! Eclipses usually occur in pairs, and we just experienced the powerful Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on June 26th. This current Solar Eclipse extends the energies of deconditioning from our current reality.

Expansive Jupiter at 3* Aries & inventive Uranus at 0*25 Aries are moving closer to the 5th & final exact opposition of Uranus/Saturn at 0*25 Libra on July 26th, day after the Full Moon on July 25th. More in next blog on this. (Please read Saturn opposite Uranus on sidebar to refresh your memory)

We are also still immersed in the intensity of the emotional catharsis of Pluto conjunct the past Lunar Eclipse Capricorn Moon. (read previous blog) Release of tension is needed as transforming Pluto, planet of death & rebirth, is making a T-square (challenging aspect) for weeks to both the above mentioned Saturn & the Jupiter/Uranus combo. Spending time with two ex-husbands, fathers of my 2 children, in-between these eclipse events certainly brings the past up in my face & allows me a stupendous opportunity to let go and begin my life anew each day. I am grateful.

Purging Pluto will be making 7 exact squares (stress, tension) to high frequency Uranus from 2012 through 2015; we are just dipping our toes into the tumultuous waters at this point. Much more on this cosmic scene coming up…..



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