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Aquarius Full Moon July 25th, 2010 July 23, 2010

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Our illuminating Full Moon at 2*59 progressive, airy Aquarius is exactly opposite the radiant Sun at 2*59 flamboyant, fiery Leo, 8:38 pm CDT, on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 . We realize that the cosmic energies are very potent during Full Moon times and this one is no exception. I feel it is even more complex & unpredictable than the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of July 11th or the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of June 26th…the changes are accelerating. The aspects (mathematical angles) among planets are so wild & crazy that I’m finding it more desirable to free up my time & space… having open access to my intuition seems more important than ever before.

The creative, dramatic Leo Sun, wherever it falls in one’s birthchart, symbolizes a need for self-expression & recognition. The life-force is dynamic & powerful in this ” king/queen of the jungle” sign which is also ruled by the Sun. Playful Leo energy can operate as self-confident, generous, majestic, proud, ambitious, commanding & noble; it can also express as stubborn, egocentric, extravagant & domineering at times, especially when one isn’t getting enough attention.

The unpredictable Aquarius Full Moon opposite this brilliant Sun is a call to integrate & balance the polarity of the two electromagnetic energies. Innovative, intuitive & universal Aquarius, the water-bearer (even tho its an air sign) is ruled by Uranus, the high-frequency transmitter. This liberating planet represents sudden change, the unexpected, the unusual, the eccentric, revelation, genius, originality, invention & revolution. The downside of Aquarius are qualities of too much detachment, acting aloof & impersonal, antisocial & fanatical. Whether skillfully used or not, this sign & ruling planet are BIG on freedom & independence.

Just prior to the Full Moon on the 25th, responsible Saturn moved into social, artistic Libra, sign of partnership & relating, on July 21st, 2010, where it will remain through 2012. Assertive Mars will join it in Libra on July 29th. Alliances or confrontations?

Conservative Saturn in Libra exactly opposes rebellious Uranus in Aries on July 26th, 2010, for the 5th & final opposition over the past 2 years. (more info on sidebar) Our Saturnian familiar known world is becoming an unknown world of abrupt Uranian change…existing structures we have taken for granted are dissolving…we are being shaken up, awakened & liberated from the status quo. Be willing to let go in many ways, large or small. We can cooperate with this evolutionary journey or resist which results in pain. Ouch!!

On August 21st, 2010, we experience Saturn at 2*56 Libra making its 3rd & last square (challenging aspect) to Pluto at 2*56 Capricorn. This translates into radical changes in the management of power, either personal or collective. Pluto represents extremely concentrated energy that eliminates by bringing hidden matters to the surface; endings of unnecessary factors which impede growth.

At Full Moon time & beyond…Pluto (death & rebirth) in Capricorn is squaring (dynamic action/turning point) Uranus & expansive, inspiring Jupiter in Aries and it is also squaring Saturn in Libra with Mars (almost in Libra.) These signs are all of the cardinal quality referring to initiating action, generating activity & releasing expression.I won’t go into all the other aspects but they can be helpful too. More next month on this transformation opportunity.

Love is the answer.



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