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Pisces Full Moon 8-24-2010 August 20, 2010

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Full Moon Rising

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010, 12:05 pm CDT; Sun at 1*26 of earthy Virgo is exactly opposite the Full Moon in watery 1*26 Pisces. (note: there are 30 degrees in every sign) This polarization between the two electromagnetic energy fields represents the phase where the symbolic seeds flower. This is the peak of light and total illumination of the vision that is the promise of this cycle. The Moon (emotions, feelings) now appears equal in size to the Solar life force. Both opposites need to be considered, balanced & then assimilated into our wholistic consciousness.

Sun qualities of practical, pragmatic, detailed, analytical, discerning, technical, methodical Virgo are in such contrast to the responsive Moon in imaginative, boundless, non-materialistic, visionary, mystical, ethereal Pisces; how can we unite these very diverse parts of ourselves? Watch out for the possibility of critical, nitpicking of perfectionist Virgo &/or the confused, escapist urge of impressionable Pisces.

Sensitive Pisces Moon sits only 2-3 degrees from the conjunction of compassionate, idealistic Neptune (ruling planet of Pisces) & the maverick Chiron (the wounded healer). The concept of surrender is big with both of these heavenly bodies. Whereas 180 degrees away, the Sun in Virgo (ruled by Mercury) stands alone…the only planet harmoniously aspecting these two luminaries is cathartic, transforming PLUTO , assisting us in our heavy-duty, metamorphic evolving life process. (Yes, we still have that cardinal T-square pressure.)

We need to sift through our behavior modes, thoughts, habits, ideas,communication style, etc. to keep only what resonates with our highest good and let go of the rest, beaming out goodwill & harmlessness to self & others. We can neutralize negativity with this attitude.

Let It Go

Before the Full Moon we had Mercury turn retrograde (apparent backward movement) at 19* Virgo on Aug. 20th through Sept 12th when it turns Direct at 5* Virgo; communicating & mobility issues may need attention…back up your data, review, repair, reflect & reorganize.

We also experience the challenging, extremely intense aspect of the 3rd & final Saturn in Libra/ Pluto in Capricorn exact square on Aug. 21st. (sidebar has both of these cosmic events explained more fully.) Harsh judgments will be thrown about…practice no blame…remember the old childhood saying “when you point a finger”….. Allow wisdom to filter through from your higher mind into your actions & words. Spread the love, my friends!

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