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Virgo New Moon 9-8-2010 September 5, 2010

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Canoeing on Crane Lake

An opportunity for New Beginnings occurs once again with this New Moon; Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 at 5:30am CDT, both lights, Sun and Moon, are in the middle of Virgo at exactly 15*41. The Virgin symbol of this sign refers to the autonomous, creative woman who is self-determined & is owned by no one. We all have intellectual, practical Virgo somewhere in our birthchart; it refers to a potential experience of clarity & integrity on the journey to wholeness. Let go of perfectionism, pettiness, judgmental fault-finding, worry & lack of confidence. Focus on Being. And love the being you are.

Efficient Virgo is able to move between the material world & the world of ideas with a highly developed but grounded mentality. There is a deep connection with the body/mind & also with nature…cooperating with the Earth (natural rhythms) & correcting one’s own imbalances through discernment, observation, precision, attention to detail and optimistic analysis of what is feasible is accentuated here. These qualities also indicate the ability to study & research just about any subject thoroughly. Mastery of technology is only one of the many skills/talents of the Virgo realm.

Moss everywhere!

Androgynous Mercury, our mythological Messenger of the Gods, is the energy transmitter associated with earth-sign Virgo ( as well as Gemini ). Mercury has been doing the “backtrack trip” (retrograde motion) since Aug.20th. & is at 6*50 Virgo during this New Moon. (example: I lost half of my current written blog becuz I didn’t save it before canceling a photo…eeks!) Our perceptions, communications & mobility will be moving forward again when Mercury turns Direct by Sept. 13th.

Hiking on Vermilion River

Renovator Pluto turns Direct Tuesday, Sept. 14th at 2*47 Capricorn. The 13th, 14th, 15th of Sept. will be intense, extreme, obsessive, powerful …with major changes occurring…of course Plutonian destructive/regenerative energy is nothing new & will continue. Pluto represents the forces leading to fundamental, evolutionary change. We may lose what we think we need to discover what we truly need.

Expansive, open-minded, benevolent Jupiter & revolutionary Uranus, high-frequency transmitter of sudden change & intuition, are now both retrograde & exactly conjunct (at the same degree) at 29* Pisces on Sept. 18th. We are revisiting issues from the past few months, perhaps more letting go.. taking a major step in surrendering to the Piscean intangible flow of Universal Oneness…a magical mystery tour without the drugs. Unpredictable Uranus will move forward into Aries again in March 2011.

Vermilion Gorge

The Autumnal Equinox occurs on September 22nd when Sun moves into the 1st degree of Libra. Equal amounts of Light & dark….how Cosmic! Practice goodwill & harmlessness…




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