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Aries Full Moon 9-23-2010 September 20, 2010

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Full Moons.

One day after Sun enters the electromagnetic sign of balance-oriented Libra (which represents the Autumnal Equinox) we are immersed in an Aries Full Moon early Thursday morning September 23rd, 2010, 4:17 am, CDT.

The Moon at 00*15 pioneering Aries (the “me” sign) is 180 degrees opposite Sun at 0*15 diplomatic Libra (the “us”). Just keep in mind that warrior Aries, ruled by Mars, can be impulsive & peace-making Libra, ruled by Venus, can be indecisive at times. Note more info on Mars/Venus below.

This one has the potential to be a very explosive Full Moon. Fiery, independent, active Aries rarely goes unnoticed in itself, but the emotionally responsive Moon is also conjunct rebellious, sudden-change, high-frequency Uranus & expansive, idealistic, truth-seeking Jupiter just 4 days after the two of them made an exact alignment at the end of the receptive, dreamy, sensitive waters of compassionate Pisces.

Our solar orb of light & radiance, the brilliant Sun, is in the earliest degree of social, cooperative, refined & harmonious Libra and also very close to slower moving, disciplined, serious Saturn which is at 6*46 Libra. Saturn can manifest fearfully, insecurely & hang on to the status quo, or it works as a teacher lending focus, organization & purposefulness to the Sun. *Just learned that the Super Galactic Center (10’s of 1000’s of galaxies revolve around it, including our Milky Way Galaxy) is reportedly at 2*11 Libra; we will revisit that topic in the future.

The Full Moon is the peak phase of the lunation cycle, transmitting boundless energy…it could be overwhelming ….All of the above-mentioned planets, Sun, Saturn, Moon, Uranus & Jupiter, are challenging intense Pluto (death & rebirth) on this dynamic date. Anything in your life that is outmoded or stagnant is just asking to be deleted! But Pluto will do it ruthlessly if necessary & says, “let go, dammit!”

Masculine Mars & feminine Venus, the transmitters of desire & love, sexuality & sensuality, are both in the fixed emotional sign of intense, passionate, complex Scorpio at 5* & 9* respectively….possibly spicy or extremely controlling. Mars is associated with Scorpio & is strong here. Watch for jealousy, revengeful/ possessive issues popping up; nip them in the bud if you can.

Continual Change

I like Eckhart Tolle’s description “you are the deep undercurrent of stillness.” I remind myself of this multiple times a day because I know that whatever I focus my attention on becomes my reality…practice, practice. Remember this is only the beginning of the major changes continuing through 2015 that we signed on for in this Earthly form.

Astrology correlates to reality..it does not cause it. Everyone has all the signs & planets in their birth chart somewhere.




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