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Libra New Moon Oct. 7-2010 October 5, 2010

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There is Beauty in the World


New beginnings once again with both Sun & Moon at 14*24 idealistic Libra on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 at 1:45 pm, CDT. The New Moon initiates a new cycle; a renewal time; what is still unconscious is in the universal flow, not yet in form..only seed concepts of archetypal ideas ready to emerge into consciousness. Anything that has to do with relating or interacting with others is a Libran issue.

Cardinal Air sign Libra is the 7th electromagnetic field on the natural circle of 12 that surround Earth and everyone’s birthchart contains all 12. The symbol of Libra, the scales, defines the goal of being inwardly calm no matter what is happening around you. It is a constant balancing act, restoring order, creating beauty & attaining unbreakable inner harmony.

The energy transmitter Venus, goddess of love, peace, beauty, balance, harmony & equilibrium, is associated with aesthetic, artistic, refined Libra. Creating justice, mediating fairness & being the diplomatic peacemaker are also expressions of cooperative Libra; however I have heard the phrase “an iron fist in a velvet glove” attributed to this socially-adept sign as well. Libra often takes the opposing side just because…


Always Beauty in the World


The week previous to the New Moon we have feminine Yin Venus conjunct (same exact degree) masculine Yang Mars at 13* powerful, passionate Scorpio on Oct. 3rd. These two relationship planets have been traveling close together since the end of August when they were in Libra & soon will be parting company after Venus turns retrograde at 13*14 Scorpio on Oct. 8th through Nov. 18th. Impatient Mars, going forward, moves on. Sensuous Venus attracts, Mars desires & takes what it wants..relationship review time.…now experiencing a tremendous amount of energy on the “other ” (enemy or ally), partnerships, lovers, possible dependencies, friends, competitors, business links, the public…complex Scorpio adds a very intense dimension to relating…prime opportunity! Fearlessly go to your inner depths & be willing to love, accept, forgive, let go…whatever needs to be done in a manner aligned with your higher consciousness. Earth has had enough of negativity..we NEED more love!

  • For You and Me
  • So why did I choose to introduce a 3rd younger, lively cat (probably an Aries) into my cat family during this time of relationship emphasis?! Transformation time! The Libra in me wishes it was easy, but it’s not. My latest Buddhist meditation helps keep me sane;

    May I be free of worry

    May I be well

    May I feel safe and at ease

    May I be at peace





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