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Aries Full Moon Friday 10.22.2010 October 20, 2010

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Our Moon is full on Friday, October 22nd, 2010, 8:37 PM, CDT, at 29*33 fiery Aries exactly opposite our Sun at 29*33 airy Libra. This is the 2nd Aries/Libra Full Moon in a row due to the fact that there are 30 degrees in every sign; the first Aries F.M. was at the end of September in the very first degree of self-oriented Aries, whereas this one is in the last degree of Aries/Libra.

The Moon when Full creates a powerful, invisible, electromagnetic energy field that permeates through everything & everyone. Certain parts of our Being (the birthchart is our map) resonate with the orchestrated dance of the planets & other intra-galactic forces as we learn about particular qualities within ourselves. We have been & continue to be assimilating new high-frequency info at an accelerated rate which is changing our cellular structure as well.

The Aries experience during this potent moment in time is about courageously taking that first step forward & asserting your own individuality while being innovative & inspiring; the opposite diplomatic, mediating Libra expression exerts an emphasis on sharing, cooperating & creating balance, beauty & harmony. We definitely need to integrate the two. Use all your tools, fellow creators!

The Sun moves into the electromagnetic field of transformative Scorpio on Saturday, October 23rd. Scopio is associated with planet Pluto, mythological Lord of the Underworld dealing in anything hidden, like the unconscious.

Assertive Mars, powerful ambassador of energetic, independent Aries, is currently in penetrating, resourceful Scorpio (where it also operates very strongly) for only a few more days…desire, lust, power, obsession, mystery, complexity & compulsion…oh my! Thank goodness active Mars moves into Sagittarius by Halloween! However, our red warrior planet in determined, deep-feeling Scorpio also shows where we transform, regenerate, self-empower, renew & perhaps even heal. Birth, death, rebirth & intense, emotional encounters are the domain of the this heavy-duty sign.

Remember we have sensual Venus (affiliated with Libra) retrograde in Scorpio until the goddess of love moves back into Libra on Nov. 7th; on Nov. 18th, Venus turns Direct at 28* Libra, then progresses once more through extreme, intense, secretive Scorpio (until Jan 8th, 2011) which is not easy for usually peaceful, harmonious, cooperative Venus. Time to transform how we relate as we struggle to keep our inner balance and/or keep our partnerships (of any type) flowing. People are mirrors for us. Beware of the goblins of jealousy, envy, manipulation, resentment or revenge.




This day will never come again….

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