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Taurus Full Moon 11.21.2010 November 19, 2010

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Everyone has the energies of all the signs & planets within their birth chart. Astrology only correlates to what we call reality..it does not cause it.

The peak of the Taurus Full Moon is at 11:28 am Sunday, Nov. 21st, 2010, CST. The Sun at 29*18 passionate Scorpio is exactly opposite Moon at 29*18 down-to-earth Taurus; this is the time we feel the full blast of powerful solar energy reflecting off the illuminated Moon. Speaking of blasts, we were hit with the Sun’s huge electromagnetic solar flare last week around Nov.12th, 13th, 14th & 15th.

The Full Moon phase is one where the Sun (conscious self) & Moon (instinctual self) appear to be of equal size in the sky. Due to this cosmic event, approximately every 28 days, there is an enormous amount of electricity bouncing throughout the Earth’s magnetic field as well as in our bodies. It is our opportunity to integrate the polarities of creative, magnetic, emotional, intense Scorpio with energies of patient, conserving, reliable & resourceful Taurus.

The complex Scorpio Sun period of regeneration & transformation, associated with planet Pluto (God 0f the Underworld, including the subconscious), brings us a major opportunity to dive into our inner depths; to submerge & acknowledge, accept, make peace, let go, forgive, purge, cleanse, detoxify, eliminate or deal with anything that is holding us back before we can clearly move on with renewal. The Full Moon in the fixed-earth sign of possessive Taurus, associated with planet Venus (Goddess of Love & the Arts), grounds us in our deepest emotional patterns/ needs/sensitivity & responsiveness. The issues of stable, productive & practical Taurus are all about self-worth, inner (talents) & outer (monetary) resources, security on any level & living in a material world.


Focus on empowering your feelings of self-worth, don’t be afraid to tap into your talents & commit to your highest values. Avoid power struggles & manipulation; let go when & where necessary while holding on to who & what you truly value. Think about what would you like to manifest in this lifetime.

“Shed the fears that burden your ego & what would remain would be your clear intuitive soul that would effortlessly respond to others.” Caroline Myss

Chester Park

Both Sun & Moon at 29* make a square (challenging) aspect to the conjunction of Chiron & Neptune who are sitting at 26* Aquarius. These two non-linear planets have been very close for the past two years; they were exactly conjunct on Feb. 17th of 2010 & are now slowly separating.

Chiron, a small body found between Saturn (establishment) & Uranus (intuition) is the symbolic shamanistic Wounded Healer bridging the physical world of nature with that of spirit. We all have deep wounds to heal; our empathy & compassion grow as we go through this process, which is beneficial in then assisting others with their healing.

As a teacher/healer Chiron represents a key between the known world & the unknown…it is our link to communication with intelligence outside our conscious reality & planetary system which calls for expanded consciousness.

The mystical, imaginative transmitter Neptune represents dissolution & merging, flowing, illuminating, blending & uniting with inspiring compassion & unconditional love…human consciousness expands & connects. Let go of the need to be in control & surrender; although it is a choice to be made moment by moment.

The Transformation

Powerful Sun moves into mutable fire-sign Sagittarius On Monday, Nov. 22nd.

This Full Moon at 29* Scorpio/Taurus closely aligns with the Pleiades at 28*36 Taurus…I like it, I don’t know what it means, but intuitively I like it. Now I need to venture up the hill into the beautiful snow!

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