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Sagittarius New Moon Sunday 12.5.2010 December 1, 2010

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A New Day

We are greeted by a New Moon on Sunday morning, December 5th, 2010 at 11:37am, CST. The initiation of New Beginnings presents itself with both Sun & Moon at 13*29 adventurous, fiery Sagittarius. This is an opportunity to plunge into new experiences spontaneously & instinctively following inner intuitive wisdom. The optimistic, philosophical, visionary & idealistic renewal phase of the enthusiastic Sagittarius New Moon represents a birth of new forms; the vision is felt but is not yet seen; you are potentially tapping into a deep collective well of archetypal ideas that are ready to emerge into the expansive social consciousness.

Open-minded, metaphysical Sagittarius, associated with benevolent Jupiter, is on a lifetime quest, an endless process in the search for meaning…always expanding & exploring, geophysically, intellectually & intuitively. However out-spoken Sag does have a tendency to overdo at times, being excessive, extravagant, acting opinionated or self-righteous..(let’s see, where is Sag in my chart?!)


Only a few hours after this New Moon on Dec. 5th, the radical disrupter Uranus, planetary transmitter of sudden, unexpected change, turns Direct (forward motion*) at 26*40 Pisces. For the first week or so of December we can definitely feel the Uranian effect in our personal life and see it out on the world stage, particularly with aggressive, impulsive Mars making an exact square (challenging aspect) to unpredictable Uranus on Friday the 3rd of December. I will use all my life enhancing tools ( & maybe a hammer), also possibly do some creative play to use the energy…or at least be very flexible with this wild card aspect. Consider the energy you’re putting out into the universe no matter what might happen.

(Uranus helps us with breaking down the status quo and takes us from the known into the unknown… a major piece of our shift in consciousness.)

Shortly after all that rambunctious cosmic activity, initiating Mars moves into the electromagnetic field of responsible, structured, earth-sign Capricorn on Dec. 7th. Dec. 13th/14th warrior Mars will be conjunct powerful, intense Pluto at approx. 4*39 Capricorn. This will activate unconscious elements within to surface in order to facilitate the destroying &/or transforming process necessary for evolutionary growth. Don’t let control issues upset your balance for too long. Self-empowerment opportunity! Get rid of the old, make room for the new.

Mercury Retrogrades on Dec. 10th at 6* Capricorn. As it moves backward it will be conjunct Pluto once again, indicating a space to clean out the mental, verbal, transmission-of-information closet. Androgynous Merc turns Direct on Dec.30th, 2010 at 19*37 Sagittarius. Tactfulness & diplomacy go a long way in communications.

On March 13th, 2011, Uranus will once again enter energetic, active, assertive, pioneering Aries (associated with Mars..imagine that !?!) where it will remain through 2018. More info later.

This New Moon at 13*29 Sag is closely conjunct “The Great Attractor ” at 14*02 Sagittarius. I will expand upon this galactic anomaly in the future. Don’t know what it means…oh well, as John Lennon sang, “Nobody told me there’d be days like these!” Enjoy the present…

New Moon & Full Moon blogs posted every month here on https://cosmicsense.wordpress.com

*Reminder: every sign/electromagnetic field is comprised of 30 degrees* & whenever a planet does the symbolic Retrograde/backward motion or Direct/forward motion it can extend the amount of time it travels within a particular field allowing us to digest & integrate the messages we need.



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