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Capricorn New Moon 1.4.2011 December 31, 2010

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Earth Sprites at Work

Everyone has all the signs & planets somewhere in their birthchart.
Astrology only correlates to reality-it does not cause it.

On Tuesday, January 4, 2011, at 3 :03 am CST, we have an earthy, conservative Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse with both Sun & Moon at 13*39 practical, responsible Capricorn. A New Moon initiates a new cycle; planting & germination of the seed. This phase of emergence & projection relates to plunging into new experiences spontaneously or instinctively & allowing intuition to guide you. Our expanding 6th sense is never planned or controlled….think unpredictable Uranus (the unknown world). We intuitively connect to an inner, universal frequency that does not flow from our rational mind or emotions. Leave space for surprises!

Sun (solar conscious nature) and Moon (lunar subconscious nature) are both at the same degree of Capricorn-exactly 13*39. They are flanked by heavy-duty, intense, life-altering Pluto on one side & passionate, courageous, assertive Mars on the other, creating a serious, down-to earth Capricorn stellium of qualities; patient (maybe not Mars), industrious, ambitious, organized, cautious, committed, economical, reliable, efficient & dependable. Every Capricorn I know also has a great sense of humor…needs it to lighten the load. Yes, I have a couple of planets in Capricorn….self-control is always welcome, as long as one doesn’t become too controlling, rigid or lonely.

Transmitter Saturn (the known world) is associated with conventional Capricorn. The ringed planet, last one to be seen with the naked eye, symbolizes the first law of manifestation; limitation. As Cap comes up against restrictions, hardships, obstacles & loss, we may use self-discipline & apply endurance, persistence & hard work. Structured Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac, can aid us in focusing & concentrating our energies, to patiently reach our goals, like the persevering mountain goat carefully climbing the rocky crags to the mountain top. Saturn can test us but also be a rock of inner strength to assist breaking through blockages of self-doubt, depression or fear, which are part of the lessons of life that each & every one of us confront at various times. Not much fun, but necessary, as we aim for wholeness.

The Solar Eclipse operates as a cosmic regulator that maintains balance on the Earth; this is a process of transformation that shows where change is necessary & this cardinal Earth sign is specifically symbolic of changes shaped by the passage of time. The Capricorn Moon (representing the past) is exactly in-between Capricorn Sun (the future) & Earth (the present). Unconscious desires may dominate conscious ones as Moon absorbs all available solar power. Old patterns, conditioning, memories, feelings & subconscious issues need to be dealt with as they are re-awakened . Past & present must come to terms before further development can proceed. Hidden talents &/or deep wisdom may also surface. Its not good or bad, it just is. Be gentle with yourself & others.

A few hours after the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Jan.4th, 2011, we experience the 3rd & final Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 27* Pisces. Expansive Jupiter represents our higher mind of metaphysics, philosophy, ethics, morals, idealism, beliefs, faith, hope, trust & optimism. Original Uranus is the wild card of the unexpected; a freedom-loving, radical, rebellious, disruptive, electric, innovative, intuitive, high-frequency awakener. This is their last hurrah in sensitive, empathic, spiritual Pisces, water sign of compassion, unity, imagination & visionary, mystical, musical, artistic, psychic gifts. On Jan.22nd Jupiter enters Aries & Uranus follows in March, 2011. Big changes!

I’ll end this serious blog with words of wisdom, “We are all bozos on this bus!”

The Goddesses are Dancing

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