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Cancer Full Moon 1.19.2011 January 17, 2011

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We all have every sign & every planet somewhere in our birthchart. Astrology correlates with our reality, it does not cause it.

The peak of the Cancer Full Moon is on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011, 3:21 pm, CST, with the Moon at 29*27 sensitive Cancer exactly opposite Sun at 29*27 material Capricorn. Each of the 12 electromagnetic fields is comprised of 30 degrees, thus the two Light spheres are at the end of the above signs & very soon entering the next zodiac fields; dynamic Leo for the Moon & revolutionary Aquarius for the Sun..which it enters Jan. 20th; note: the path of the zodiac that astrologers use is a different thing than the precession of the constellations, (like invisible & visible) which has been in all the news.

The emotional Yin Moon in receptive, feeling, vulnerable Cancer (where it is most comfortable) deals with nourishing others & the self, holding on to the past (which can be a mixed bag), issues of feeling safe/secure & loved.. also how we react to that outer world…our immediate response nature. The vital energy of the disciplined, realistic, responsible 29* Capricorn Sun sits next to active Mars at 3* progressive, electrical Aquarius opposite this Full Moon. The often cautious & conventional Capricorn solar force will receive a jump-start as it is empowered by assertive, energetic, risk-taking, competitive, passionate Mars in radical, liberating, futuristic, innovative Aquarius. Of course the God of War can also operate in anger, selfishness, aggression & even violently. Healthy outlets for physical energy help…that’s one reason why I like to go for walks in the freezing cold January weather…I need to.

Two Eagles Flew out of the Pines

The opposition & illumination of this Full Moon is an opportunity for us to balance our subjective inner world with the constantly changing external world. We absorb the bombardment of invisible electromagnetic energies that permeate throughout everything & every sentient being. We continually assimilate this high-frequency information & download it into our cellular structure. Our nervous systems are begging for tender loving care.

Exuberant, expansive, optimistic Jupiter, symbolizing the search for meaning & truth, moves into the first degree of Aries on Jan. 22nd through early June. Unpredictable, sudden-change artist Uranus, associated with Aquarius, follows into Aries in March, 2011. Both of these planets of intuition had touched briefly into Aries last year but now they will continue onward… Jupiter can go over the top with its excessiveness & Uranus is a wild card which will be moving closer to a challenging aspect with transformative Pluto in the summer of 2011. However the 1st EXACT square of seven between Uranus & Pluto does not happen until summer 2012.

Erratic, shocking Uranus remains in Aries through 2019; the transmitter which liberates us from past limitations is the lightning-bolt god that will shatter our known world (Saturn) whenever we become too rigid or repressed… breaking open any “stuck” energy, suddenly & with no warning..(yes, like an earthquake.) All part of the Cosmic game-plan in our evolving journey. Keep on trucking!

This is the beginning.

Thanks to all who have commented. I appreciate it.

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