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Aquarius New Moon 2.2.2011 January 31, 2011

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Frozen Waterfall

Everyone has all the signs & all the planets of our solar system in their birth chart. Astrology only correlates with reality…it doesn’t cause it.

A freedom-loving Aquarius New Moon is upon us Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 at 8:31pm, CST. This is the time when Sun & Moon are both at the exact same degree of 13*54 Aquarius. Out of the eightfold division of the Moon cycle the New Moon phase represents the symbolic seed planting & germination; the beginning, the initiation or new impulse/opportunity for growth. Be aware of your thoughts…what ideas do you want to give birth to & nurture into your future?

Progressive, often stubborn Aquarius is a mentally-oriented, communicative air sign although its symbol is that of the Water-bearer, pouring out ideas for humanity. Wherever you have this energy field, or any planetary transmitters in Aquarius, is where your intuition (instant knowing) is prime; also your need for liberation & breaking away from the status quo.

Individuality is extremely important for this unique, original, universal, social, humanitarian part of us which is associated with genius-inspiring, abrupt change artist Uranus. Following the tribe is not in the program. However aside from being eccentric, rebellious or revolutionary, this brilliant, electric energy can also express as opinionated, antisocial, fanatical & unpredictable.

Earth's Nervous System

Motivated, active, competitive, assertive Mars at 14 degrees Aquarius is conjunct (right next to) this New Moon. Loaded with initiative, directness, impatience, passion & courage, Mars is not afraid to take risks; the Warrior often acts aggressively for what it personally desires…and it involves freedom, liberation & reform in Aquarius. The protests in the world are right on schedule.

It is a blessing, perhaps, that all three.. Sun, Moon, Mars are making a supportive trine aspect to stable, structured Saturn in Libra (relating, balancing, peace & beauty). This flowing opportunity helps to ground the nervous energy of erratic Aquarius & potentially assist in creating order, focus & organization rather than the less pleasant side of Saturian blockage, controlling behavior, lack, fear &/or insecurity. Whatever we practice through our thoughts, words, actions contributes to the whole…we know that, but it takes attention & diligence to keep it positive & harmless during these tumultuous times.I need my daily meditation time!

Note that the increasing solar winds/flares of charged photons & magnetic energies are acting as a powerful evolutionary catalyst on our Earthly existence as well.

Chiron, symbolic teacher/healer, represents a bridge or link between the known (Saturn) & the unknown (Uranus) realms; it is leaving Aquarius & entering subtle, visionary, sensitive & unifying Pisces on February 8th where it will be for seven years. More on this later.

Until the next Full Moon on Feb. 18th…remember you signed up for this cosmic trip!

On to the Next Adventure




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