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Leo Full Moon 2.18.2011 February 15, 2011

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Still Winter

Friday, February 18th, 2011, we experience the fiery Leo Full Moon at 2:35 AM, CST… although it looks very full Thursday. Moon at 29* dignified Leo is sitting alone in the sky exactly opposite Sun at 29* high-voltage Aquarius; however this Sun is joined (conjunct) on one side by Mercury (communicator) at 24*, Mars (action) at 26* & Neptune (the non-material) at 28* independent Aquarius with Chiron (Wounded Healer) in the first degree of sensitive Pisces on the other side of Sun (the conscious self). Quite a gathering of planets transmitting various energies opposite the Full Moon. (Moon symbolizes our security needs, the unconscious, home, family, responsiveness & our deepest emotional patterns). We need to integrate both ends of this polarity & create something beneficial within our personal & collective life on planet Earth; mix your majestic Leo energy into your liberating, original Aquariusness of being unique, tolerant, unconventional, eccentric, experimental, freedom-loving & revolutionary.

A Tiny Universe

That is Inside this Universe

That is Part of This Universe

The electromagnetic field of Leo represents creativeness in multiple forms. It is associated with the sphere of the Sun which beams out light, warmth & life-force energy. Notice your mood shift when the Sun comes out after a few gray days? The Leo part of us needs to creatively express self, get attention, feel appreciated & be in the center of things…can be very dramatic…born to play (which can be a lost art for some), dress, sing, dance, act, perform…likes the spotlight. Remember we all have Leo somewhere within our birthcharts.

Radiant Leo, associated with the heart, is romantic, affectionate, generous, self-confident, courageous, magnetic, fun-loving & flamboyant. Watch yourself in areas of pride, egocentricity, arrogance & domineering behavior… thus the phrase “the power of love or the love of power”.

Humanitarian Aquarius represents the wired up, high frequency energy, the intuition (instant knowing), the nervous system, electricity, current & yet-to-be technology (youth are naturally geared for it)…it accelerates forward into the future, seems like at rocket speed these days! The down side of the radical disruption & rebellion can produce fanatics, anarchists & antisocial behavior…keep sending healing thoughts to the Middle East.

When unpredictable Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) moves into Aries March 13th, 2011 & travels to 8* Aries in June of 2012, it will be uncomfortably confronting power-wielding Pluto at 8* Capricorn; a new archetype challenging established order. (This aspect continues 7 times through 2015). Uranus, the freedom urge, is related to sudden change, the unexpected, innovation, genius, ingenuity, individualism, liberation & awakening.

Uranus always breaks up the status quo…be ready for more massive changes; but don’t get caught up in the widespread fear-based version of reality that permeates our collective consciousness…its not easy to break away from expecting the worst-case scenarios. I try to be, I mean, I AM open to new patterns of thought, changing the neurotransmitter messages to my brain…#1 priority. We came here to do this.
As Steve Martin said ” I just gave my cat a bath, now how do I get all this fur off my tongue?” Don’t forget your sense of humor!


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