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Pisces New Moon 3.4.2011 February 27, 2011

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Waterfall II

“As Above So Below”

Friday, March 4th, 2011, at 2:47 CST: we experience a very sensitive Pisces New Moon where the (Conscious) Sun & the (Unconscious) Moon are both at 13*56 Pisces. These two Lights in our solar system are exactly together in one of the 12 electromagnetic fields, at varying degrees, during every New Moon. This represents an initiation period, a conception, a birth of sorts, a new beginning in some area of your life. The moon in the sky is now dark & the adaptable, impressionistic water sign Pisces is bathed with nebulous, intangible energies which can’t be seen.

Imaginative Neptune, the planetary transmitter related to Pisces, always expresses through the feeling nature & gives us the emotional experience of connection with the universal where all boundaries are dissolved.The dream world, creativity of the arts/music/film & the psychic doorways are some of the ways to channel visionary Neptunian waves. We sensitively feel healing, empathy, compassion, understanding, inspiration, unconditional love, cosmic consciousness …the merging factor which represents our desire to reunite with the Source, or however you want to describe it. My current favorite song is the one by the Killers (yes, its a band) asking “Are we Human or are we Dancer?” and I dance through the cosmos every time I hear it. Very Piscean. The lyrics are amazing…check it out.

Neptune, defining the spiritual urge or the escapist urge, can wander into vagueness, confusion, self-deception & negative illusion…the trick is not to get lost. Discrimination is needed and we now have Sun & Moon making an adjustment to practical, organized, disciplined Saturn in Libra which can help us concentrate & focus our loose Piscean energy with a bit of effort & self-responsibility. Good time to let go of bad habits, including thought patterns.

The ocean is a perfect symbol for Neptune, God of the Sea, because of its depths, its constant movement, its mystery, also its symbolic value for the beginning & the end of life…the place of emergence & disappearance. Just stand by Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, and you get that same impression. Fog doubles that.

Silver Ice

Uranus re-enters Aries on March 11th, 2011, where it will remain for the next 7 years. This is major change! High-frequency Uranus (think technology, electricity & lightning for example) is moving into fearless, risk-taking, independent, fiery Aries…the sign of “me first” & action. Just to refresh; we are each personally accelerating & upgrading our growth in consciousness. Uranus is the planet of sudden, radical, unexpected, unpredictable change… ultimately bringing liberation & freedom; we limit ourselves in the familiar & get “stuck” in different places…afraid to move into the unknown.

Enthusiastic Aries represents our capacity to mobilize energy, to courageously assert oneself & to develop self-awareness. Passionate Mars is the transmitter associated with impulsive Aries which shows how we express desires, how we go about getting what we want…our method of operation. Pioneering Mars symbolizes our initiative, directness, accomplishment & conquests. It can manifest also as anger, aggression, violence & war. During this New Moon, Mars at 8* Pisces is sitting right next to Sun & Moon, adding some warrior-like spirit to the scene. Mars takes action!


Mystical crop circles are formed in under 20 seconds by balls of light…the designs have become more complex every year. Certain parts of rural England are blessed with the majority of them although they have manifested all over the globe. I like sites “Crop Circles Complexity” by eratom and “the Science of Crop Circles” if you want text with your photos.

Enjoy the New Moon & the Full Moon blog every month (and one on Uranus-Pluto soon) here on;




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