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Virgo Full Moon 3.19.2011 March 14, 2011

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Full Moons.

The day Uranus moved into Aries was the day of Japan’s 8.9 earthquake:
March 11, 2011

Saturday at 1:10 PM, CST, March 19th, 2011 we are in the vibration of a very powerful Full Moon. Our Sun (life-force energy) at 28*48 mystical, compassionate Pisces (the path of understanding) is exactly opposite Moon (emotional nature) at 28*48 meticulous, practical Virgo ( the path of integrity). These lights at the end of each 30 degree sign refer to the end of a cycle, especially because ethereal Pisces is the last sign of the 12 electromagnetic fields; on March 20th the Sun moves into the 1st zodiac sign of fiery Aries. The exact point of this movement into 0* Aries marks the fresh new beginning of Spring (the Vernal Equinox). Quite a mixed bag…completion of the old & forging on into the new…so much so fast!

We are on the doorstep of active Aries at 0* when our life-giving Sun will be at the same degree (conjunct) as liberating Uranus on Monday March 21st. (Check info in last blog about Uranus in Aries.) Radical disrupter Uranus operates suddenly, unpredictably…creating unexpected change of the status quo; with independent, pioneering Aries saying “do it now!” Uranus, the genius factor & high frequency transmitter represents the intuitive sense. The freedom associated with this planet is often upsetting on an individual level but it frees us up from characteristics that we no longer need as we become more whole. Then on the 1st of April courageous, assertive Mars moves into Aries, the sign where it is strongest & feels most at home. Personally & collectively things are bound to be happening!

Now to back up a bit…earthy Virgo Full Moon represents the peak phase in the eight-fold moon cycle where the flower blossoms from the seeds planted at the New Moon & creativity is fully developed to be utilized however one chooses. The symbol of Virgo is a female, sometimes with wings, carrying a shaft of grain..called the Virgin, it emphasizes healing, self-purification and physical well-being through conscious effort toward wholenessnothing sexual or non-sexual intended here.

When Virgo Full Moon is exactly opposite Pisces Sun which is sitting in the middle of Uranus AND Mars, we have a very volatile situation. It is definitely time to surrender to the Big Wave of life & practice being verrrry flexible… let go of attachments or to being attached to a particular outcome. Virgo & Uranus both deal with the body nervous system so use all your tools to keep you grounded. Virgo is connected to the natural world & the order therein as well as technology. Just remember “nothing in excess” (Sufi saying)….

March 30th, Mercury turns retrograde (apparent backward movement) through April 23rd. Be very clear on communications…computer systems may break down, delays, confusion possible..mobility issues may arise. Or not.

Cosmo, the Aries Cat

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