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Aries New Moon 4.3.2011 March 31, 2011

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No More Sitting Down...Time For Action!

Everyone has all of the signs & all of the planets somewhere in their birthchart. These represent cosmic energies which only correlate to reality but do not cause it…as above so below.

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 we experience a fresh, action-oriented Aries New Moon at 9:33 AM (CDT). This is an open doorway for new beginnings, new ideas, new thoughts & pioneering behavior..lots of action now, following instinctive impulse, perhaps impatiently… movement is pursued with courage & ardor!

The symbolic seeds are being sown with both Sun & Moon at the exact degree of 13*30 Aries. Aries the Ram is number one…the season of Spring began when our Sun entered the 1st degree of Aries….self-projection, independence, spontaneity, directness, adventurous, bravery, if not foolhardy, initiating & always learning self-awareness. Consider that we have passionate Warrior Mars (ruler of Aries), Uranus (the unexpected), Sun (conscious self), Moon (emotional self), Jupiter (the magnifier) & Mercury (the communicator) all in Aries during this New Moon on April 3rd….definitely amps up & intensifies assertive/aggressive energy & the competitive, powerful urges of this electromagnetic field. Desires run wild & free!

High-frequency, unpredictable Uranus indicating sudden, abrupt change is exactly conjunct risk-taking, forceful Mars with both at 1* fiery Aries on April 3rd…very explosive…who knows how this will play out in our lives & on the Earthly stage…

60 mph Winds off Lake Superior

Hopefully the patience & the multiple, practical skills of serious, responsible Saturn will enable us to create some order & cooperation when we need it. Transforming, cathartic Pluto will undoubtedly manifest tension through inner & outer power struggles/conflicts as it makes a challenging square with the Sun & New Moon. Mother Earth experiences the stress too.

Mercury, which turned retrograde (apparent backward movement) Wed. March 30th will be in this retro mode through April 23rd. I don’t like to add to our already stressed out lives, but sometimes communication, mobility & technology areas are prone to problems which can frustrate, mis-communicate, delay, confuse or break down during this time period. Double check your details. At least its a good time to review, clean out, reorganize…I plan to finally redo my phone number list & “delete” the ones from years gone by…part of my spring cleaning.

Ethereal Neptune moves into its home sign of unifying Pisces on April 4th; then in June it retrogrades back into Aquarius for a few months until early November 2011 when it moves forward again, finally into Pisces on Feb. 2012 , where it for remains through 2025. (A mouthful but we’ll get into that later.)

Pluto in early Capricorn does its retrograde trip on April 9th which means Plutonian issues will possibly be emphasized for a couple days either side of this date; control struggles, power management, the underworld (including criminal elements..& legal druglords: pharmaceutical corporations), the unconscious, the hidden elements, plutonium…for example. Soon I will be posting Uranus square Pluto blog which will be more in depth. Pluto also brings in regeneration, renewal, healing, revitalization..new birth after death & destruction.

I’m doing what I can to maintain inner peace, patience & flexibility in my life although I feel as if I’m flying by the seat of my pants each day…I did see the first crocuses! and a robin & a chipmunk…Spring!

Reputably the Buddha’s last words on his deathbed were “All creative things must pass…strive on, diligently.”

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